8 Day Silent Retreat

I have been thinking about what to blog about in regards to the silent retreat and honestly, I don’t think words can convey what God began to do in my soul and really, what He continues to do. In part because I am still in the midst of understanding what […]


I enjoyed my Christmas break so much. I feel like last time (Thanksgiving break) I did not pray into the break much, I figured it would be fine. My family is pretty solid and devout to the faith so I thought I will have n issues really. But when I […]

The pursuit

I am being pursued. Over the past few days a couple of scripture passages have stood out to me, Isaiah 62:3-5 You shall be a glorious crown in the hand of the LORD, a royal diadem held by your God. No more shall men call you “Forsaken,” or your land […]

Everyone is called to be missionary :)

LEARNING HOW TO LIVE This month we were blessed with new opportunities to serve, new opportunities to love. The Life Teen missionaries from Covecrest and Arizona as well as some staff members joined Family Missions Company [ http://fmcmissions.com/ ]  on a mission to General Cepeda, Mexico. Upon returning from Mexico […]

My vocation – to love :)

St. Therese & Thanksgiving Break I love living in community. God is teaching me how to love. Not to say that I don’t love, but I feel like God is teaching me new depths of His love. It’s like he says “Ok, your heart has learned hoe to love in […]

Humility vs. Pride

The more I spend time here at Covecrest, diving into scripture and into this rhythm of life that flows out of prayer, the more I am realizing why God has lead me to this holy place. I am prideful. I somehow have managed to make my heart believe that God […]

“Thy Mercy My God”

Thy mercy, my God, is the theme of my song,
the joy of my heart, and the boast of my tongue;
Thy free grace alone, from the first to the last,
hath won my affections, and bound my soul fast. Without Thy sweet mercy I could not live here;
Sin would reduce me to […]

A picture from LIFT, a northern version of XLT. I will blog about this tomorrow 🙂

Oct 12 – Queen of Angels Retreat

The Queen of Angels 8th grade retreat took place last week, and it was blessed. The theme was Mission Possible and it was centered around Mark 10:27. The sessions were: God is love, Christian Friendship (guys and girls session), the Mass, Christian Servant Leadership and Commissioning. It was great to […]

Oct 3rd – Oh Community

There are many fun things that happen while living in community. John Paul II Statue – Last year the missionaries at Covecrest somehow came across a John Paul II statue. I’m not sure if the girls or the guys started this tradition, but hiding the JPII statue in the most […]