The Truth of His Love

… As we approached the four men who were just finishing a “conversation” (I use the word loosely), I smiled and let them know that I wasn’t approaching them to argue or debate, that I simply wanted to get to know them. For the sake of brevity, we’ll suffice it to say they’re reaction wasn’t the most pleasant or calm.

Why I Deleted My Facebook (Saints By Halves)

This past week I sent out a message to my mission support group on Facebook letting them know that I had decided to delete my Facebook page. It was about 7am in the morning, we had just gotten out of our morning Holy Hour, and I wasn’t prepared to go into full details as to why I had made this decision, but I knew it had to be done…

Mexico (Better Late Than Never)

I can’t even begin to describe all of the ways our mission to Mexico has affected me. I won’t tell you what we did. You can find that in the many blogs written promptly upon our return from the other missionaries. But let me try to convey just the smallest part of how the Lord has moved in my heart…

A Life Spent Dying

Last Friday, us out on the Mesa Team headed up to Tepeyac for another retreat.  Usually this would include a large group of spastic middle or high schoolers, 22238498 different duties, and approximately 3 hours of sleep.  I love it, but it can be exhausting. This weekend, rather than leading a […]

Offering Poverty

We left Mesa last Thursday, heading up to Life Teen’s camp Tepeyac with the intention of helping serve for two youth groups combining for an Edge retreat.  This is what I knew about the retreat: 1. It was for middle schoolers. 2. Middle schoolers are insane(ly awesome?) 3. Miller and […]

“The Moment Has Come…”

It’s funny how God shows up sometimes.  As a missionary, you come to expect God to show up in Mass, Holy Hour, or in community (seriously, who can’t see God working through No Shave November?).  Better still for me are those moments where, in the midst of life you suddenly […]

Jesus? Yeah, He makes house calls…

So missionary life can be pretty random.  I mean, when your asking the Lord to reveal to you how He wants you to spend your day lovin’ on people, you never really know what you’re going to get. Case in point: We had an hour and a half off yesterday.  […]

Sleep Talking and No Control

So I was informed recently by my two missionary brothers in my room that I talk in my sleep.  This isn’t an entirely new idea to me.  I remember my older brother informing me of another unconscious conversation from a camping trip in our youth.  Still, this issue has not come […]

Hello World

Hello friends, family, strangers, and enemies (I love you)… So this would officially be my first blog ever. Don’t be disappointed… Well, we’ve begun.  I am officially a Life Teen Missionary.  A week ago today myself and 17 other young adults from the far reaches of the world gathered here at Covecrest […]