More to Life than Friday Night Lights

There were five of us. Emily was home recovering from sickness. We cranked up the music and cruised down the highway to our first Friday night lights experience in The Woodlands, Texas (North Houston). Drunk on the Holy Spirit If anyone was walking by as we got out of the 15 passenger van, it’s likely […]

Responding to God During a time of Lament

“All her people groan, searching for bread, They give their precious things for food, to retain the breath of life. ‘Look, O Lord, and pay attention to how I have been demeaned! Come, all who pass by the way, pay attention and see: Is there any pain like my pain, which has been ruthlessly inflicted […]

My Divine Appointment was from Finland

It was a scorching hot summer day. We left the shade of the high Barcelona city buildings and crossed over a plaza on our way to the pier. It was while we were joking around, probably complaining about the heat and our naive decision not to bring water bottles that God provided a divine appointment. […]

I’m Discerning the Priesthood

Someone once told me that they thought Jesus would never call us to do something with our lives that we didn’t want to do.  I tend to disagree. Let me explain. God Has Certainly Asked People to do Things They Don’t Want to do Jesus is God, right? Christianology 101. Well, God asked Abraham to […]

Salesman for Jesus

Businesses highlight the “good” parts of their product when they are advertising.  Shouldn’t we also highlight the “good” parts of our faith?  Check out this podcast on Evangelization in the modern world. Click Here to Listen to the Podcast – “Salesman for Jesus” You can also follow the Houston Mission podcast on iTunes by searching […]

“Is This Real Life?”

“Is this real life?” I thought to myself as a drove down the road away from the Church. I had a pyx in the pocket of my dark purple button down Sunday shirt. I’ve got praise music on the radio but a Cee-Lo song crosses my mind, “I guess the pyx in my pocket wasn’t […]

We MUST Serve the Poor

While visiting my family in Melbourne, FL for Easter, I was compelled to spend a couple of days serving the hungry at a soup kitchen called The Daily Bread. I met a woman named Shay who has three children of age 10, 9 and 6.  Shay is working towards becoming a pharmacist.  The Dad is no […]

You are not a Butt Munch, You are Beloved

Have you ever seen a man digging through a trash can to find leftover food for dinner?  It’s a sad sight.  Many of us let it be only that, a sad sight.  We are moved to pity and then let it be what it is.  A bold few say a prayer.  A bolder few offer […]

The Game Changer: How Becoming a Summer Missionary Changed My Life

Looking back at the timeline of our life, there are certain events that stand out as life-changing. These events changed something about us; we became more aware of who we were; we gained new confidence in our gifts and talents; we fostered a new relationship that completely transformed our perspective on life. When I accepted […]

Why You Should Pray Scripture Every Day

For some reason, when I started Middle School I decided to try out for the basketball team.  I was horrible at basketball.  I tried out in 7th and 8th grade with no success. As a Freshman in High School, I continued my pursuit of a basketball career.  Finally, I made the team, but it wasn’t […]