“Maria I’m not going to flood you”

Last week I got to go home for a few days because I had orientation for college. I was so excited for orientation but ended up leaving so confused. It was a flood of information all at once and I felt overwhelmed by the whole day. I ended up not picking a good schedule because […]

“Will I allow the Lord to handle this?” Plans for the Future

I realized that I do a really bad job letting people know about my discernment process for this year and where I think that God is leading me life.  For the past few years I have really felt the Lord leading me in the direction of nursing. Growing up I never had any desire to […]

its not always about doing

I’m the type of person that is always looking for the end result. I need to see the finish line and what its going to take for me to get there to keep me motivated. I always want to know what I have to DO!! Well I am finding more and more with the God […]

the fast food type of faith

…..I began thinking how many times do I do this with God? How many times do I go to pray and say one quick thing, barely let God get a word in, not take the time, and then get up and leave.

Lead Me to the Cross

This past Sunday I was sitting in mass and “Lead me to the Cross” by Brook Fraser was the mediation song after Communion. I really like this song so I was excited to be singing it but since its Lent, the song hit me in a whole new way. The lyrics of the refrain especially […]

Do you not YET have faith? (8 day silent retreat)

I just got off a 8 day silent retreat on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. It was incredible and I can’t even use words to describe the ways that I grew in relationship with the Lord and began to know Him in a new way. I wanted to share with Ya’ll one of my […]

Jesus Moved Heaven and Earth for YOU!

“When a woman knows that she is loved and loved deeply, she glows from the inside. This radiance stems from a heart that has had its deepest questions answered. “Am I lovely? Am I worth fighting for? Have I been and will I continue to be romanced?” When these questions are answered, Yes, a restful, […]

Loving what God does

“I do not desire to die more than to live; It is what He does that I love” – St. Therese. She just makes things sound so simple, which is good for me to hear. I think that I complicated things or make things out to be a bigger deal then they are. But, this […]

I want to be a Mountain

On our last time of formation we went on a hike and Eric talked talked to us while on top of a mountain. It was so amazing and such a pretty day to go hiking. After he talked he gave us some time to go and pray and just talk  to God. I didn’t want […]

not washing clothes on a sunday

While in Mexico I met a lady who was I’m guessing in her 80’s. We began talking to her and conversation came up about how beautiful the weather was for this time of year. She then began to tell us how the weather had not been good lately and it had been really rainy and […]