Will Work For Free

The first real, check-paying job I had as a teen was babysitting in the childcare area of a Jazzercise center. I watched Finding Nemo on repeat while moms (and the occasional dad) sweat it out next door to pop music. The work wasn’t especially difficult and the money was good. […]

Give Up Things

Quite a few months ago, a group of missionaries were driving home from Mass at St. Mark’s in Clarkesville and couldn’t find anything good on the radio. No one had an ipod connector in the car, but luckily we found a stack of CDs in the center console. After some […]

Say Yes

In February, I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri with 6 other missionaries to meet and pray with the community there about the future of Life Teen Missions. It was a blessed road trip with many laughs and glory stories along the way. While there, we visited the Cathedral Basilica of […]

Discipline and Discipleship

The Latin root of discipline is disciplina meaning teaching or instruction, but disciplina is derived from the Latin word discipulus which gives us the English word disciple. You cannot arrive at disciplina without discipulus, just as you cannot be a disciple without discipline. Let me try to explain myself in […]

Take Heart

At the beginning of January, the missionaries here at Covecrest did an eight-day retreat. Not just any eight-day retreat, but an eight-day silent retreat. We’ve known about the retreat since the beginning of the year in September, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that the day before our two-week […]

One Church

I believe in the Catholic Church. I believe it what it means to be truly “catholic”.  In fact, as I say every week in Mass, I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church. I don’t think I ever really understood what it meant for the Church to be one […]

Mission Haiti: Our Lives Will Never Be the Same

Last week, the Covecrest missionaries spent eight days in Haiti on mission. The week included a prayer night on chastity and a work project for a Catholic mission group and orphanage called Movin’ with the Spirit. Ultimately, our mission was to show the people of Haiti the love of God […]

Sainthood is for Us

We’ve been reading Story of a Soul, the autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, in formation recently. Now St. Therese knew she wanted to be a nun at age 2, asked to enter religious life before she was ten, and actually did enter the carmelite convent as a novice just […]

It Multiplies

There’s a new album out by one of my favorite bands, Leeland, called “The Great Awakening”. The first single by the same name simply repeats the next few lines over and over again.‘One man wakes, awakens another. Second one wakes his next door brother. Three awake can rouse a town […]