Christ Centered

Yesterday at mass Monsignor Tally, the pastor of my church, gave an amazing and bold homily about keeping things Christ centered, mainly our families and communities since it was the feast of the Holy Family.  His words really struck me.  I have been very fortunate to grow up in a […]

Witnessing God in the Desert

Sorry it has taken me so long to write about Mexico.  I have been processing all the ways God worked and is continuing to work through my experience in Mexico.  I think the best way to explain how huge God is and how present He was to us is to […]


Overwhelmed is the only word and feeling I know to describe the way I am feeling about the amount of support we have received for the mission to Mexico in three days.  I am mostly an extrovert so receiving all this support has truly made me ten times more excited […]


I have constanly struggled with the feeling that my prayers are insincere. I sometimes feel I am saying all the wrong things that maybe God does not really want to hear or I word things incorrectly.  Silly I know but I just want the feeling of sincerity not just babble […]

Saints and The Church

We had formation yesterday with Michelle to begin our study on St. Therese, the patron saint of missions. We began by talking about saints and how we are all called to be saints at our baptism. Then we began discussing the tools that St. Therese used to further her love […]


“We were meant to embrace, not just accept it.”-Needtobreathe As humans I feel we so often just accept things.  We do not question or try to learn more for a better understanding.  Recently I have been noticing this in my own life as a woman, a christian, and even more […]

Trust Fall

In formation we are reading the Return of the Prodigal Son, an amazing book that we are diving into and discussing how we each can relate to the Younger brother, older brother, father, and bystanders of the story and how we grow closer to God through the realization of the struggles we […]

Christ Centered

It truly is a blessing when you see a couple that is truly Christ Centered take the next step in their relationship.  My best friend that I have literally known since I was born got engaged yesterday on the center T of the Tennessee Volunteers football field.  Carrie and her […]

Talk on the Eucharist

John Chapter 6! AMAZING!!! Got me through a really difficult talk. The retreat has been going really well so thanks for the prayers. JJ was suppose to give a talk on the Eucharist but little did we all know that God had other plans for me. JJ got sick this […]

Set Free

We are currently in the middle of running our first retreat as the seven of us. Today was the first day and as of right now I am praying even harder then before for these kids. Our theme is “Set Free” meaning that through a relationship with God we can […]