Fr. Paul, a priest at Holy Spirit Prep High School in Atlanta, was the priest for our girls retreat this weekend.  On Palm Sunday He celebrated mass and shared a really good message with all of us.  He spoke mainly about the part in the Gospel that read, “The Lord […]

St. Monica’s Girl Retreat…No words!!!

This past weekend the missionary girls were so blessed to help put on a retreat for St. Monica’s Life Teen girls.  I have been sitting here for the last ten minutes trying to figure out what to say about how absolutely amazing this weekend was but I have no words.  […]

Mission of the Redeemer, revisited

There has been so much going on here at Covecrest but it is amazing how through all the doing I have still found time to be.  The spirit of my prayer has been on fire lately. I have been enjoying so much spending time with the Lord as often as […]

God is always relatable

I am studying/ reading through Deuteronomy. I have been wanting to get into the Old Testament and I felt called to start here. It’s amazing to me how thousands of years later I can still relate this book to my life and the world we are living in today. Moses’ […]

Really Quick Post!

Okay so as you know we have been teaching each other in our formation classes. Yesterday Paul taught about evangelization (the Church’s mission) but instead of teaching he sent us out! We were to go to Clayton to encounter and pray with people. Paola and I were partners and the […]

Luke 9:23-24

The days leading up to lent were becoming fewer and fewer and I still had no idea what to do for Lent this year. There are the usual sacrifices of sweets and soda but conviction of the love God has for us calls me to more. Last year for Lent […]

God is Love

In formation we have begun a section where the missionaries are teaching each other. We were each assigned a certain topic considered as a Core Value to Life Teen and faith in general. I teach in two weeks on affirmation (hilarious because right before Chris assigned it to me I […]

All they need is love!

Wow so many things have been happening here at Covecrest for the missionaries.  We had the youth ministers retreat, confirmation retreat, we went and visited the 8th grade classes we put retreats on for earlier this year, and we have begun to teach ourselves the Core Values.  Mark taught us […]

God, I’m Sending Back My Charm!

When the missionaries traveled to Mexico we went on a pilgrimage to Saltillo.  In Saltillo there is a chapel that the local people call “The Miracle Chapel”.  When you go to the miracle chapel you pray for a specific miracle.  Then you buy this little charm and when God grants […]

Remain in Me

Before I began the 8 day silent retreat I was really struggling with how distant I felt from God.  It was not a discouraging feeling more like “UGH aren’t I any closer to you yet.” I felt like I was at the starting line and still had 26.1 miles to […]