Multiplying Medals!

Alright, I am having a serious block on what to write about.  I have such a desire to tell you all about what God is doing in my heart but when I try to put it in words that will make sense, I fail.  Sure in my journal I can understand what the heck I […]

Divine Appointments

For six months now I have been praying for a boy named Joseph Stanton.  He is a senior from Kingwood, Texas (close to Houston) who was in a horrible skateboarding accident in the beginning of June.  I knew nothing about him other then his name, accident and hometown.  I fervently prayed for him though.  I […]

Got Wealth?

” When we look at the wise, they die; fool and dolt perish together and leave their wealth to others…for when they die they will carry nothing away.” Psalm 72 I am an extremely wealthy person.  I have a wealth that no job or this world could ever provide.  I am rich with Love that […]

The Art of Being Human

A topic that we have been talking about in these first weeks of missionary training is the art of being human.  One night, all the girls got together and cooked a meal while being taught how to prepare a meal and how to be good hosts. At first, I was really confused why we were […]

Another Year with My All in All

There are no words to describe how amazing this past year has been for me.  The blessings that the Lord has poured out and keeps pouring out upon me are true signs of His everlasting love for me.  Last summer when my heart truly said Yes to the Lord and allowed Him to take full […]

The Heights

As a missionary I am constantly being asked, “What do you do?” “What does it mean to be a missionary?” “Whats your favorite part?” “Why are you a missionary in the middle of no where?”.  I love all these questions and seriously I have probably answered them all differently multiple times throughout the whole year.  […]


Lately my heart has been literally aching/yearning for the Lord whether it be in mass, adoration, prayer, everyday activities, I just long for Him.  I realized the other day that this is a beautiful place to be.  Having a constant ache for Him has made it so that I want to do everything for Him, […]

They Get It!

I was fortunate to get to go to mass at my old church this morning.  The church is also connected to my old elementary school and this morning the first and second grade classes came to mass.  We heard in Acts today the story of St. Paul’s conversion and commissioning to preach the Good News.  […]


Tomorrow 32,999 people and I will be running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee.  I am so excited that I woke up this morning at six just so I could prepare myself even more for tomorrow (Stretching, drinking water, etc.) (Actually I was just really excited to get going!!!)  I have never run in […]

Luke 10:16

Alright so I know I have said this before but God is still working on me.  I feel very strongly that God has been calling me to be more intentional with my words, to really think before I talk.  Its been hard, very hard.  But I am becoming more aware of the words I say […]