Teetering on the brink

Over the past few months my relationship with the Lord has been a big struggle. I had been feeling very frustrated because I had not been getting any sign of Him being present in my life. Prayer was dead and I had nothing fueling me with the joy I had when […]

My Way or the Lord’s Way?

I wish the Lord would just come out and blatantly shout out to me what it is that He wants me to do. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would really appreciate something like that. Coming into this mission year here at Covecrest, I was thinking that it […]

Why So Quiet?

At the beginning of January, all of the first year missionaries went on an eight-day silent retreat. This retreat was very challenging for me, but God moved in ways that I would’ve never expected Him to. I realized how much humor God and I have in our relationship, whether it […]

Are You My Father?

  Over the past month I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness a lot of amazing things.  I have seen transformation in the hearts of the teenagers and adults that have come to Covecrest for retreat.  I have shared in local outreach which includes starting up a youth […]