Become Who You Are

I hear people say this phrase or something similar all the time. It usually bothers me because I wonder what the heck it even means. Recently, God has been showing me what it means. I spent two weeks at Covecrest to be able to spend some time observing the way […]


Although it was two weeks ago, I keep referring back to the retreat we led in Flagstaff because a lot stood out to me from that weekend. I think our entire community would agree that in many ways that retreat was just as much for ourselves as it was for […]


Last weekend on our retreat in Flagstaff, we were encouraging the teens to get involved in their community, particularly at the parish. So as a part of our retreat, we went to the church Sunday morning to give out coffee and donuts after the early mass and greet those coming […]


It is easy for me to live into the season of Lent. I can give things up, fast, and make sacrifices. For all of Lent we focus on the suffering and the crucifixion. And then Easter comes. We celebrate Christ’s resurrection and then move on. At least that is how […]

Follow Me

Yesterday I was reading about the call of Matthew in Matthew 9:9- As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the customs post. He said to him, “Follow me.” And he got up and followed him. As I reflected on this verse, I wondered […]


During morning prayer recently, we read the following from Romans 8:10: “If Christ is in you the body is dead because of sin, while the spirit lives because of justice.” While it was being read aloud, I only heard the first part: “If Christ is in you the body is […]


At the beginning of the year, blogging was so easy for me. I was overwhelmed with so much I wanted to share that I had difficulty in finding the time to share all of it. It seemed as if multiple times a week that Lord was speaking something profound, in […]

Sister Joanne

This past weekend, the Mesa missionaries were in California for the LA Congress. I was blessed with many wonderful conversations and encounters throughout the course of the weekend, but one specific encounter really stood out to me. At the end of Saturday, we were getting ready to leave to get […]

Lenten Sacrifices

I have mentioned many times before that God has continued to speak to me through consistent themes. This past week, the same exact message stood out to me twice during our morning prayer. The following is from Psalm 51: For a sacrifice you take no delight, burnt offering from me […]


This past weekend, the entire Life Teen staff went to Camp Covecrest in Tiger, Georgia for our staff retreat. I will admit that when the retreat began on Friday night, I felt like I wasn’t completely open to what the weekend may have in store for me. It was only […]