Omnia vincit amor ” The Story of Red”

Dear Life Teen Community, I have been inspired for some time now to do a video blog about another divine appointment that we here in Mesa experienced. I felt like I could express it better on video than I could on a blog. Here is the link! Hopefully more blogs to come! […]

1306- You make Beautiful Things

A couple of weeks ago, we here in Mesa had a day off – or so we thought. After meeting for dinner with our friend Ashley Montage from ASU, we went to ASU Newman center’s basement where we had Theology Underground. After it was over, Ashley dropped us off at […]

SHH!!!! We are on silent retreat!

When I first heard about the 8 day silent retreat, I got scared. Honestly, I thought to myself, “They are going to leave me alone with my crazy thoughts by myself for 8 days!!??” In the words of St. Therese “AH!” There we were on Feb 18 tucked away in the snow […]

Holy hour thought

I was siting in the Adoration chapel on Monday night and it brought back a memory from a couple of weeks ago.  It was a Saturday and I was in the chapel for holy hour.  A man of Indian descent walked into the chapel and looked very troubled.  He came in so […]

Do you dream of happiness?

Do you dream of happiness? Going home for the holidays and trying to spread the love of Christ is actually harder than it sounds. Many times during our Christmas break, I felt that I failed to love. I just didn’t understand how I could love people that I don’t even […]

I Lay down ________

So recently I had the great pleasure of getting to know some of the GREAT people over at Chandler Regional Medical Center.At this time I would like to give a shout out to my two Nurses Shannon & Travis. I will write the next paragraph as if it were a […]

Come AWAKE!!!

COME AWAKE!! Not only a line from a Matt Maher song, but also the name of an Edge Retreat that we helped out at Tepeyac this weekend. Let’s rewind back to Friday morning when we were staining the newly built paintball building for a work project. Haha funny story! So […]