I’m Not Worthy

“Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” This is a prayer every practicing catholic should recognize right away. It’s a prayer we pray once a week at Mass, or more often for those who […]

Looking for love

Love… What is it about love that effectuates us so easily? Even in a world filled with war and hate, ‘Love’ is everywhere. Think of the most recent movie you have seen, can you honestly tell me there wasn’t a love plot involved at all? Most recent movie I have […]

Your Call of Duty: To Be Fearless

Now, this is a challenge! This is a battle that will determine if you are a man or not. Put your controllers down when you enter the world, your schools, your jobs, your friend’s house, the store.

You are in a battlefield. A battle for each and every life that you see. You can’t see your enemies, but you can see what’s at stake. We do face “impossible odds” where everything will be fighting against us. Hordes of media and countless lies will be thrown at you to derail you. This isn’t a life for just anyone, this is the life of a real hero.

Receiving Christ

As a Catholic, I think the biggest blessing has to be being able to receive Jesus’s body and blood in the Eucharist. Of course I didn’t always see it this way. For me growing up I saw the Eucharist as just another church thing. As I received my first communion […]

The Lion’s Den

So imagine this: you are stranded and lost in the middle of an African jungle. As you travel, you grow weary and tired, not sure exactly which direction to go. Finally you come to a path, which splits off in two directions. to the right the path goes off into […]

What Does it Mean to Be an Apostle?

Most of us know the story of Christ. We have either read it ourselves or have heard it in church. We hear readings every Sunday about Christ’s life, whether it’s His birth, or a miracle He is performing, or showing us just how deep His love is in His passion […]

“The Weak Will Lead The Strong”

So here’s the picture:  The year is 490 B.C.and there is a war going on between an alliance of Greek cities led by King Leonidas of Sparta and the Persian Empire of Xerxes I. As Two two forces meet for the final confrontation, you see a large man standing in front of […]

Just Say No?

Have you ever walked through your kitchen and your eyes fell upon the pack of cookies, and instantly your thought is “I know I shouldn’t.” But, then the next set of thoughts come rushing in. Just one cookie, it wont hurt. Then, three cookies later you finally have to pry […]