Are you willing to be crucified with Me?

A couple of days ago I was praying about Jesus’ crucifixion. While picturing the scene, I all of a sudden realized that Jesus had to open His hands in order to be crucified. I mean: there’s no way they could have nailed His hands to the cross if they weren’t […]

Dolphin Tales

Dolphins have been my favorite animals since I was a little kid. I collected all possible dolphin things and my biggest dream was to become a dolphin trainer. I loved going to dolphin shows and sleeping with my stuffed dolphins. I never became this dolphin trainer but I still like […]

I am still here!

That’s what Jesus said to me in the half empty church on Christmas Morning. “I am still here!” It was great to be back at home in The Netherlands for Christmas break. But it was hard to see the church being so empty during the only Mass on Christmas morning. […]

I’m like St. Therese!

Yes, like Saint Therese (of Lisieux)! I’m not from France and don’t speak any French. I also didn’t loose my mom at a very young age. I don’t have siblings who entered the convent and I didn’t visit the Pope to ask permission to enter a religious order when I […]

My heart was locked….

Let’s go a couple months back in time… to my Easter break. I know, it’s September, summer is over and we’re not in Easter time anymore in our liturgical year, but I still want to take you back to my Easter break for a moment. I was able to spend […]

Sleeping in My Daddy’s Arms

A few weeks ago, I had the blessing of sitting a row behind a father and his three-year-old daughter during Mass. He was holding his daughter in his arms, and she fell asleep before Mass even started. She slept the whole Mass, no matter whether her father stood up, sat […]

What Do You Mean Jesus?

During one of my Desert Days I decided to not make my own plan for my prayers and Holy Hours but to ask God to lead me. I sat down in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament and said to Jesus: “Okay, here I am, just tell me where to […]