Do You Have Insecurities?

Usually I try to come up with a clever title for my blogs. However, who is that really helping? Sure, I usually get a little chuckle out of them. With this blog, I really wanted to get right to the point, starting with the title. First of all, if you […]


I’m already smiling at the thought of your confused faces and all the funny pronunciations you came up with for the title of this blog. It’s a Haitian creole term that means ‘share’. I learned that this word could be your best friend or you biggest pain. After we built […]

Offer It Up

For years I cringed when someone told me to “Offer it up.” I mean afterall, I was complaining about something that I had every right to be upset about, right? Saying ‘offer it up’ was, in my opinion, the other persons way of getting you to stop complaining while at […]

He’s Waiting At Your Well

Well, here we are. It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog, but the main reason is that I don’t write just to write. We Life Teen missionaries have so many opportunities throughout each day to grow and choose love. Since my 8-day silent retreat, I’ve been growing […]

Swing for the Fences!

There is something humbling about talking to the friends who have known you for a long time, through all your struggles and successes, highs and lows, and still love you anyway. For me, a lot of my true friends are guys who still talk to me now, even though they […]

And Dom’s Heart Grew 3 Sizes That Day

Lovin’ ain’t easy. To truly give of yourself, love fully, and not stop when it hurts… that’s a tough endeavor. Far too tough for us alone. However, the Lord desires it for us and thus He will provide. Loving until it hurts isn’t enough. Why would we stop loving once […]

Free Fallin’

There are certain things in life that my mind and body just flat out tell me not to do. When I was in elementary school, eating broccoli was the one thing that defied all my logic. In highschool, doing my homework made no sense at all in my head. However, […]

This doesn’t make any frankin sense!

Ahh, Christmas time. I could write a blog that you’ve read a million times. I could just say “Christmas isn’t about presents, it’s about Jesus!” And all the world would drink egg nog and laugh and be merry for ever. Right? Maybe not. I’ve always supported the “Keep Christ in […]

I trust you!

Okay, be honest, how many people read the title and said “Trust us, fall on!” You know you’re a low ropes graduate if… Well anyway, trust is awesome, isn’t it? Trust is pretty easy to talk about but a little more difficult to practice. Do we trust our parents when […]

Aisle go crazy if I don’t ask for help.

Yesterday was one of the scariest, most intimidating days of my life. I was entrusted with going to IKEA to buy some new furniture for the Covecrest office. I drove the van but a space ship may have been more fitting seeing as IKEA is a different planet. This was […]