Missionary Perfection?

In the movie Remember the Titans, A group of young men were called to perfection by their coach. The same thing is asked of us today. Although we might not have to run a mile if we aren’t perfect, our reality is much more serious. If we do not become […]

God? Who?

While helping with a bonfire, I was asked a pretty deep question. Usually when faced with something so deep, I change the subject as fast as the question was asked. That night I couldn’t. That night I was put on the spot. I had to answer. That night I had […]

Confessions of a Dying Man

We are all called to die. As soon as we were conceived, our time here on earth began its countdown. Pretty scary, huh? As a Catholic, I shouldn’t be afraid to die, but there is more to death than just our mortality. Everyday we are called to put to death […]