Okay, so here’s the deal…I’ve been on and off the blog page five times today. I have this conviction on my heart to blog today but I have no idea what I should say. So I’ll talk about Focus. As I was typing in the title to this blog thinking […]

Welcome to a Mission Field….The Airport

It’s almost Christmas and we are heading home to visit our friends and family. I must say this trip home is very exciting and very nerve racking at the same time. You see home is most likely one of our biggest mission fields. I think we have it so easy […]

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Wow what a crazy week! It’s so hard for me to even collect my thoughts right now, for multiply reasons. First off because there were so many incredible experiences from our Mexico trip I don’t even know where to begin, and second off because I know my brothers and sisters […]

Hospital Visites and Rosaries

Recently I was asked to do something I didn’t want to do from God.  The lesson I learned was incredible.  We met Kris last Wednesday, he is 19 and has terminal cancer.  His story is amazing; he was recently baptized and received the first communion.  We prayed with him and […]


Hey so here’s a fun little story for you…. I Love Pomegranates. I usually have them in smoothies and until recently I had never had them in actually fruit form, ok that doesn’t sound right, I mean I never had the fruit. I’ve always had it in things. But a […]


Okay so let me start by saying if you haven’t read Captivating, you should, very soon. Thanks Kelly for getting me hooked on this book! Okay so I was swept up in this book from the moment I picked it up. You see deep down inside I struggle with myself […]

What Do You Want From Me?

This past week the homily from Sunday Life Teen Mass at St. Tim’s has really been stuck on my heart. Now normally homilies go in one ear and out the other. I hate to admit that but it’s true I might be touched at the moment of the homily but […]

Back In The Day

So I was recently contemplating life and how I got here. Okay that’s partially true, I know how I got here, (in a nut shell, God wanted me here so he called I said ‘Yes’ and now I’m here) But thats not what i meant, i was thinking about High […]

Welcome Home

So we have finally arrived!!! We are settling in to our mission houses here in Mesa, Arizona! Let me start by praising the Lord for the blessings of these houses. They are more then any of us expected and we are truly blessed to be living here. We arrived here […]

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wow i can’t believe it’s almost time to go to Mesa! We have been together for a little over a month now, all of us. It’s kind of sad that I will soon be leaving my extended family as we all go our separate ways to spread the word. I […]