Pray Without Ceasing

In our chapel at Covecrest we have this statue of Mary. Every time I go into the chapel I think of how cool but scary it would be if she looked up at me one time. As I was praying a Hail Mary in the chapel and looking at her it […]

Leaving Laziness and Going With Smiles

 Last month, I was blessed to have taken a week long trip to Haiti. This trip was so amazing and had countless blessings. I learned so much from the kids at the orphanage that we stayed at; learning to love, work, relax, and ride in the back of a truck […]

Fierce Like a Little Flower!

If I was to tell you that something or someone was fierce like a little flower you wouldn’t think much of that at all. But what if I was to say that someone was as fierce as a little flower for God?  Still nothing? In my mind I see St. […]

What Plans?

It’s funny how we can know something and yet still try to do the opposite. I have known since high school the saying, “if you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans.” Although I have known this for a while, I still believe that the plans I […]

Spiritual Biceps

Ever since high school, working out has been a big part of my life; not only because I enjoy it, but the satisfaction that I get after a hard work out is hard to match.  When I entered into college, I thought that I knew a lot about working out […]

My mind is the loudest part of me!

Have you ever tried concentrating on God and ended up thinking about everything thing else but Him? When things such as the thoughts of yesterday, today, or tomorrow pop up in your head?  Perhaps it’s scenes from different movies or lyrics from songs that keep playing over and over.  Or, you play out different scenarious […]

Be kind, please rewind.

This past May I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Texas State University and was ready to take on the world.  My plan was to have one last fun summer while training to get in shape for the military.  My sister who is the youth minister for my […]