O God, Be merciful to Me a Sinner

Over the years, God has been slowly but surely cracking away at the walls and stoniness of my heart and easing me into the fact that I am imperfect and a sinner. This seems so obvious, but for me, it has really been a truth that I have struggled to […]

What Am I Going To Do About It?

Were All In This Together I recently came across this YouTube video and was so convicted; it is a poignant reminder of “the great imbalances” that exist in our world today. After I saw it, I was on the phone with my sister, Angie, and was sharing how I felt […]

On Your Own Intelligence Rely Not

Sometimes I can’t trust my head, other times I can’t trust my heart, and I usually can’t trust my emotions. I’m finding that the only fool-proof thing I can trust is the Lord (and his word) because he alone does not waver, does not change in the face of adversity […]

Making [More] Sense of Suffering

Here’s a quick question: what good can come from suffering? As you may or may not have read in a previous blog of mine, I’m reading Peter Kreeft’s “Making Sense of Suffering” and I want to share a beautiful idea that I came across in it. Know that I’m not […]

More Coffee?

Today, Amanda and Danielle ended up sitting around the breakfast table for hours sharing different things God’s been revealing to them—turns out, God had a lot to say to each one of them through the other. Here’s a peek into their conversation: Danielle: So I’ve been praying lately about the […]

Love: More than a Feeling

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:44 Sometimes Jesus says things like that and as I read them I think to myself, “what is he talking about?” or “how is that possible?” or “I’m glad that doesn’t apply to me.” I heard it a lot […]

“You’re Our Only Chance”

The past week or so I’ve been listening to Phil Wickham’s self-titled album and I cannot stop listening to his song, “Messiah.” It is so powerful. I’ve heard it so many times before but it had never really struck me. Now it’s like I’m hearing it for the very first […]

Lawd Have Mussy!

So, recently, I’ve been leafing through another book, “I Believe in Love.” Now, wait a minute before you judge it. If I didn’t have it sitting right in front of me or hadn’t started reading it, I imagine that I would assume it was some sort of cheesy self-help book […]

And How Will I Know Unless I Seek?

I’ve recently been working my way through “Making Sense of Suffering”– an absolute must-read by Peter Kreeft. One of the ideas that he touches on is the necessity of humility in approaching the world and our Lord. While discussing wisdom, Kreeft brings up this almost comic example from Socrates’ life. […]

Wake up Sleepy Head!

God is so funny–he really makes me laugh. About two weeks ago I was feeling a little prick of my conscience telling me to be more disciplined with my time and to wake up for my holy hour at the beginning of each day. I was fitting in a holy […]