Dolphins and Jesus.

My missionary sister Ellen recently posted a blog called Dolphin Tales, sharing a story about how she and I had asked Jesus for dolphins during our trip to Florida last month. In it she tells the story about how Jesus did give her dolphins shortly after, when she went to […]

Trust Me.

Lately God has been doing a lot in my heart regarding trust. He has shown me how trustworthy He is and how to trust the people He has put into my life. However, He didn’t tell me right away just how much trust He was looking for. Starting on my […]

Don’t touch me!

Last year I stumbled across a YouTube video that perfectly summarized my relationship with God at that time. Before I go on, I’ll let you watch it. Everything about this video was a perfect symbolism of my relationship with Christ! I was that little girl who didn’t want to be […]

Quit being irrational!

Earlier this month I was blessed to have the opportunity to join the first year missionaries for what would be my second 8-day silent retreat. This retreat was based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and each of us had a spiritual director who met with us everyday to […]

Fighting for Vulnerability

I hate sharing. I hate being open. I hate talking about my feelings. I hate being vulnerable. Today, at daily Mass, Christ showed me something. As I sat in the church for a few moments before Mass started, the priest came out to prepare everything. When he opened the tabernacle […]


I recently made an incredible discovery… I am called to be a missionary! Perhaps right now you are thinking, “Uh… duh, Angela. You are a missionary. I could have told you that!” But hear me out. I was skimming through my Bible and landed on Isaiah 42:6-7 which reads, “I am […]

Consolation and Desolation

In January, I had the opportunity to be on an 8 day silent retreat with 14 of my missionary brothers and sisters. It was a retreat based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, a retreat he wrote specifically to be done in silence. Each of us met individually with […]

Be Who You Are

As a missionary community, we sometimes read spiritual books and delve into the deeper meaning of them together. We recently read Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux, and something she said really stuck out to me. Before I tell you what she said, however, I’d like to tell you […]

Do Not Be Afraid!

Let’s face it, I am a big pansy. I am afraid of everything. I don’t like rollercoasters, I don’t like scary movies, and my biggest fear is skunks. Of all things! I’m a big chicken. So reading Scripture today I was struck by Psalm 27 where it said, “The LORD […]