Pray with Boldness

“Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours.” Praying boldly is hard knowing that you might be led somewhere out of your control and to places you didn’t expect or feel like going. Saying, “I will go wherever you send me” or “I surrender” takes a lot of courage. I still […]

I Can Forgive Because I’m Forgiven

Trusting that I have been forgiven through the power of the cross, I am able to forgive. There is great freedom in forgiveness. A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to forgive someone. It’s hard to forgive someone when what they did still hurts and affects my life even […]

God Redeems, Restores, and Transforms

My embrace with the Father was restored in Adoration at the Life Teen Women’s Retreat a few weeks ago. At the beginning of my missionary formation year, I realized how tainted my relationship with the Father was. As we reflected on the Father’s love through the parable of the prodigal […]

Seeing God

I have been praying to be able to simply look at the face of Christ, so the psalm from the third Sunday of Lent, “Lord, let your face shine upon us and we shall be saved” (Psalm 4:2), really meant something to me. Reading scripture, the popes, the saints, the […]

Divine Mercy

On this past Divine Mercy Sunday, I imagined the blood and water flowing out of Christ’s side and over me like a waterfall of mercy. After Christ won for us salvation on the cross, the soldiers pierced his side, and flowing forth came blood and water. Jews during that time […]

“I Know!”

Some teens think they know everything…. I used to be that way. Ask my mom. 🙂 As I have gotten older, I realize how right my mom is. I should have never argued. My Mom and I When I became a missionary, I began to question God the same way […]

Look at What’s Crippling You

Sometimes I feel unworthy and think, “Who am I to witness after all the times I have sinned and betrayed God?” When these thoughts come, the shame cripples me in fear. It’s very subtle and creeps in most of the time without me even realizing it. The effects of sin […]

Popular and Lonely

This weekend, I heard a teen say, “I have a ton of friends, but I am lonely.” Even the popular are lonely! St Augustine’s words are still true today, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” Fame does not satisfy (ex: Whitney Houston), money does not satisfy, and […]

Single This Valentine’s Day? Rejoice!

Seeing the “happy” couples around Valentine’s Day, I used to think, “I wish I had someone special!” This year is different for me: I am happy with being single, and it’s awesome! The society we live in makes us feel like our worth is found in relationships, in material things, […]