“when something was broke we didn’t throw it away”

Dominic is this 75 year old man who was here on retreat with a parish this weekend and he said, in his opinion, that people no longer fight for anything, they give up so easily. Another couple who had been married for 65 years was asked in an interview “How did you do it?” and […]

The Church is Alive

This is an exciting time to be Catholic. Many may think this is a dark time for the Church but the Church is in the light. I think Pope Benedict made such a humble decision knowing that due to his health he cannot be at his best to guide the Church. Here are 2 of […]

Am I Jen or Peter?

On my 8-day silent retreat I focused on diving deep into the gospels using all my senses and interacting with Jesus. Since I obviously had a lot of time set aside to pray I was able to slowly dive into many of the stories and bring them to life. I couldn’t help but connect with […]

Rejoice in One Another

I want to share the story about Mary and Elizabeth with you all because it is such a beautiful witness as to how we ought to rejoice in one another. I once was given a card that said “comparison is the thief of joy.” How true is this? It is so difficult to recognize and […]

Joy in Transition

It’s common to get frustrated when you have to park in a parking spot that is 10 more yards than preferred or wait in line for coffee when you could be getting something accomplished. Transitions such as walking or driving to the next thing become a waste of time and a roadblock to the next […]

God is Love

Love! You could simplify the most important aspect of faith, relationships, and pretty much anything we do to love. Even the Beatles will tell you, “All you need is love.” I myself am known by many as a queen of hyperboles, and I use the word love to describe most things I do and see […]