All summer, my prayer was wrapped around the song “Oceans” by Hillsong United. The beautifully simple lyrics entranced me. I wanted to have the faith to keep my eyes above the waves wherever God would call me, to keep my eyes above the waves of life, to stand firm in oceans deep. It all sounded […]

Home is Wherever I’m With You.

The past year of my life has been an adventure. I have been in more places the last twelve months than I had been in the first twelve years of my life. I have road tripped all the way up and down the east coast, flown west for the summer, traveled to Haiti, and Texas […]

Prayer Works.

For the past three months, I lived at a Life Teen camp in Arizona called Camp Tepeyac. I was the prayer coordinator. That meant that for six weeks my role was to simply pray, pray for camp. When the power went out, my role was to pray. To pray that even if all the generators […]

Summer Cleaning

Summer’s here! You know what that means? Ice cream, baseball games, trips to the beach and…cleaning. Okay, maybe that last one’s not on your summer list, but as a missionary, it’s definitely been on mine. I am serving at a Life Teen Camp in Arizona, Camp Tepeyac. Campers don’t actually come until July, so the […]

“It’s Been Years Since I’ve Been to Confession!”

I hear that all the time. As a missionary with Life Teen, I am blessed to be on retreat almost every weekend. No matter what type of retreat I go on, one of the most powerful moments of every weekend is watching people who have not be to confession in years finally go. Just last […]

Pray when you Pray.

As a missionary, prayer is a part of my everyday life. I wake up every morning and do a holy hour in front of the Eucharist, and then I pray Liturgy of the Hours with the community here. I even go to Mass several times a week. But after going on an eight day silent […]

We are Family!

I have heard for a long time that I am a part of the Body of Christ, but it took me going to Haiti to get a glimpse of what it really meant. While I was on a mission trip in Haiti, I met some girls named Sophie, Kristal and Catlin. They spoke Creole and […]

These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking!

Before you read any further, you have to know something about me. In the past four years, I have fallen in love with boots. I generally don’t like shoes but I would wear boots all day, everyday. They are just confortable, and easy to wear and they match almost anything! In fact, within two weeks […]

Had a Bad Day?

Ever had a bad day? One of those days when you can’t seem to do anything right? A day when you make mistake after mistake? Well, I have had a bunch of those recently… I became an official Life Teen Missionary a little over two weeks ago (when I wrote this blog) and so far, the […]