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Responding to God During a time of Lament

“All her people groan,
searching for bread,
They give their precious things for food,
to retain the breath of life.
‘Look, O Lord, and pay attention
to how I have been demeaned!
Come, all who pass by the way,
pay attention and see:
Is there any pain like my pain,
which has been ruthlessly inflicted upon me,
With which the Lord has tormented me
on the day of his blazing wrath.’ “

- Lamentations 1:11-17

This seems to me to be an interior cry for help. It is no coincidence that the blame for their hunger and affliction is placed on the Lord. Has this not been true since the fall? Don’t we always place the blame on others before asking if it is our own fault?

We are tricked once again, as in the garden, to believe the enemy when He makes us question what God has already asked of us. “Did God really say ‘You shall not eat from any of the trees in the garden’?” (Genesis 3:1). He tells us that the Word of God is not true. We blame our condition on God when it is us who have caused it.

It is easy to look at the pain of this world and blame God. This is exactly what Satan wants us to do, but faith turns the other cheek to blame and says, “Rather than blame, I will be a part of the solution.” Faith responds to God with, “I will be an active member of the body of Christ.”

This is exactly why a true disciple of Christ must remain in the Lord (John 15:4). Personally, I am in a great state of consolation. Everything seems to be working out. I feel connected to the Lord; I am happy even in the midst of some trials. But this is why prayer is so important: so I don’t get lost in my own time of happiness and forget my call to reach out to those in need.

I came across the above scripture verse in prayer recently and realized how common it is to blame God or others for our situations. We all know, and have seen from experience, that blaming others leaves us chained in our pain and suffering. Rather, looking to Christ frees us. Since Jesus Christ suffered, He gives our suffering meaning (Hebrews 5:14-15).

When there is unrest in our world, when there are natural disasters that bring pain and mourning to families, when relatives are dying of cancer, when our whole world seems to be falling apart… When trials and tribulations are placed before us, let us give no second thought to blaming God. Let us rather recognize our call to be a part of the body of Christ in bringing healing and love to the world.

“…Pay attention and see: is there any pain like my pain, which has been ruthlessly inflicted upon me, with which the Lord has tormented me on the day of his blazing wrath” (Lamentations).

Our response to this cry: an extended hand, a generous heart, and the proclamation, “God is love and He is here to rescue you.”

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