Kiera Regan

“Model” Behavior

I love being a woman. (Sorry guys, this one’s more for the girls.) I love getting to paint my nails pink and to curl my hair and to put on a pretty dress and walk around like I’m a model. – I’m not ashamed.

I’ve noticed a lot of TV shows and movies coming out about Marilyn Monroe. Why not? She’s beautiful and modeled perfection, right? When I was little girl, I used to watch her old movies and wish I was a cute little blond whose smile charmed everyone of her co-stars. I wanted to be beautiful like Marilyn. I wanted to turn heads and get all the boys. The “it” girl, a bomb shell. I still like to wear red lipstick and pretend it looks as good as hers.

I got to thinking about how much effort it is to be Marilyn. The hair. The face. The clothes. The body. The walk. The talk. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Every moment she had to be ready for a camera flash or a microphone. Always ready to present herself perfectly.

As a Catholic, I too must be conscious of how I present myself – not to be called a bomb shell but to be called a disciple of Jesus Christ. Catholic is a big title and a big responsibility. In Acts of the Apostles, it says that the rulers “saw the boldness of Peter and John…and recognized them as companions of Christ” (Acts 4:13). This boldness was not in their curves, but in their words (too much?). The apostles were representatives of Christ. They were not afraid to model His life and deeds. The first disciples weren’t afraid and neither will I be.

Marilyn modeled Hollywood perfection. I must model Christ. See, there’s a lesson with all this: we must always be ready to present ourselves pure and holy before our King. It is a matter of how we talk and act. It is a matter of what we wear. It’s most importantly a matter of putting on Christ. If we are not recognized as companions of Christ then who or what are we recognized as companions of?

I want to, at all times, radiate Christ’s beauty, perfection, and eternal glory. I want to, at all times, be perfect in love, and I want to give my life for the sake of another. To be Christ is everything. To be Christ is to be perfect. We must model His behavior and love. If we do, He has promised us an eternal home in Heaven.

This life is more than “best dressed” or “most likely to be a movie star.” This life prepares us for eternity. The thing with Marilyn is that the shell always cracks, but Christ is God and God is everything. True perfection lies in relationship with Him.

And don’t worry, it’s OK to dress up and look nice. Be beautiful and put on Christ each morning.

I challenge those of you reading to stop and take a moment to think of one thing you can change in order to be conformed more totally to Christ. Good luck and break a leg.

Kiera Regan

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I am the female house leader at the Covecrest Mission Base in Tiger, GA. I really do like long walks though I prefer the woods to the beach. If you like my blogs please email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from y'all! Check me out on twitter at LT_kregan and God Bless!