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God Wins

Summer camp 2013 is done. Boy was it one for the record books! I’ve been involved with summer camp since 2010. I’ve served as a summer staffer and in the kitchen at Covecrest. I was camp photographer at Camp Tepeyac, and this year I was Prayer Coordinator and Summer Staff Mentor at Camp Hiawassee. Each year provided me with new ways to serve the teens and pushed me to lean harder on the Lord.

I knew from the first day of summer camp in 2010 that I wanted my parents to experience what the Lord was doing in the lives of the teens. So when I got home, I started sharing the stories, singing the songs, and showing them videos and pictures. That continued for the next three summers. Every so often I would drop a hint, “Hey, maybe you can come visit one week. Arizona is really pretty.” And finally after asking and asking, asking Jesus to stir in their hearts a desire to say YES, my parents came to Camp Hiawassee during the last week of camp this summer!

Holy cow did the Spirit move! My parents were laughing, playing around, helping on high ropes, eating ice cream, and more with the teens and missionaries at camp that week. The big glory moment, though, was after my parents went to Mass: my dad said it was the best Mass he’d been to in a long time! PRAISE THE LORD!

My parents coming and experiencing summer camp was one of the many ways the Lord was faithful this summer. I can go on and on about the ways the Lord moved in my life this summer, and each moment He showed me His faithfulness was such a blessing. The moment the desire was placed on my heart for my parents to experience summer camp, I had to PRAY BIG and EXPECT MIRACLES. As I head out to Atlanta in just a few weeks, I continue to PRAY BIG and EXPECT MIRACLES realizing at each moment that GOD WINS.

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With my parents, helping teens off the zipline!

Amanda Cassar

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I'm from Long Island. I have a funny accent. I can't eat Gluten or Dairy, and I really love Jesus.