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Prayer Works.


For the past three months, I lived at a Life Teen camp in Arizona called Camp Tepeyac. I was the prayer coordinator.

That meant that for six weeks my role was to simply pray, pray for camp.

When the power went out, my role was to pray. To pray that even if all the generators failed, even if we couldn’t get ahold of the power company, even if there was no natural way for the power to come on, that it would anyway.

And when we ran out of CO2 while campers were in the middle of playing paintball, it was my role to pray that somehow, even though our tanks were empty, there would be an abundance of carbon dioxide so that teens could play paintball all afternoon.

And when a youth minister shared that her sister was diagnosed with heart failure, it was my job to bring that intention to Jesus and pray that His will would be done.

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, the prayers worked.

The lights would come on, new CO2 tanks would be delivered to camp hours early, and a heart would be miraculously healed.

Before summer camp, I had seen prayers be answered and God provide things for other people. But this summer I came face to face with its power.

It is not because of anything particularly great about me that made my prayers so powerful; it is all about the greatness and power of God Himself!

God is the creator of the universe (Genesis 1:1). He has the power to bring back the power, to provide CO2 and heal the human body. God is also our loving Father, (Luke 11:13) He wants to give us every good thing, big and small.

God just doesn’t mind answering our prayers, He longs to answers our prayers. He can’t wait to show us that He is faithful to us.

Christ tells us “Everyone who asks will receive.” (Luke 11:9). Everyone. Not just some people. Every person.

You may have been praying for what seems like forever and your prayers haven’t been answered yet. Keep praying. You may look at your life and your problems and think that your situation is more hopeless. There is hope. You may be tempted to think your prayers are not good enough. They are. Just because you don’t always get the answer you want, it doesn’t mean you won’t get an answer.

So brothers and sisters, I invite you to pray with expectation.

Pray not just hoping He might provide, but that He will provide. Pray with new hope and new energy today. God is going to work miracles, big and small, in your life.

That is my prayer for you today and everyday.

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Emily Pellarin

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I have a nose ring, green beans are my favorite vegetable, and I wear mismatched socks for fun. Sneaking into to old churches is a hobby of mine. After serving all over the country, God let me come back to be a missionary in my hometown of St. Louis. I have the privilege of living in Ferguson and loving the teens there is my job. I couldn't love it more. I would love to pray for any intentions you may have. Just email me at [email protected] or tweet at me @LT_EmPell. P.S. God loves you. A lot.