Amanda Cassar

Fleeing from Fear

I’m afraid of walking past where the bear lives at summer camp.
I’m afraid of walking anywhere in the dark.
I’m afraid of never finding my vocation.
I’m afraid of white water rafting.
I’m afraid of large quantities of mayonnaise and sliced yellow cheese.

So what do I do to conquer those fears?

Usually nothing. Instead I run past the large dumpster where we usually find the bear. I pack multiple flashlights, often times with a spare set of batteries. I avoid the mayo and dairy aisle at stores where you can buy food in bulk. I shy away from praying into the depths of my heart when I know God is lovingly calling me to discern my vocation.

When I’m afraid, I FLEE!

I was recently reading My Vocation is Love by Jean LaFrance, and found this line which rocked my prayer.

“We flee from fear because to own it would bring home to us the truth that we are creatures dependent on the father’s love.”

I’m afraid of letting the Lord love me in those places of most vulnerability because I don’t feel worthy of his love. This is a LIE! I am worthy of his love and so are you. Jesus died for our sins BECAUSE we are worth it. We were worth it 2,000 years ago and are STILL worthy today, no matter our past.

Give the Lord your fears, and DO NOT flee from him. Instead RUN to the sacrament of Reconciliation. He desires to LOVE you exactly where you are just as a Heavenly Father should.

Amanda Cassar

About the Author

I'm from Long Island. I have a funny accent. I can't eat Gluten or Dairy, and I really love Jesus.