Ache Like Christ

Jesus loves us. I hope that’s not new information to you. He loves us immensely. The cross, we know as Christians, is the greatest act of love in history. I think a lot of people get lost thinking they have to love Christ back in some huge way. All He really wants is us to stop running around trying to prove our love and just accept His. THAT’S IT! Jesus just wants us to accept His love. We only have two choices, accept it or not.

Imagine you plan a great party.

“Party Time”

You order all the delicious foods you and your friends like. You buy Pepsi and Coke so everyone is happy. You even hire an awesome DJ who can mix some sweet beats on the spot. You invite all your friends with very personal, handwritten invitations.

The night of the party arrives and only a handful of the many you hoped would come show up. How sad would you be? All that work, all the money for food, the time put into invitations, none of that matters. You just wanted people to come and have a good time.

This is merely a human experience, but I think it can somewhat express what I am talking about. Jesus doesn’t care about the cost, He gave everything. He doesn’t want to be repaid, we have nothing of value to give. Jesus’ gift is perfect. He wants nothing in return. Jesus only wants us to accept the gift of Himself.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

“The Eucharist!”

Jesus is perfectly present body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Blessed Sacrament. There is no better way to accept Jesus than receiving Him in communion. There is no better way to love Jesus than to let Him love you. The Eucharist is Jesus. The Eucharist is the miraculous way Christ gives Himself perfectly to the whole world. All He wants to do is love us and have His love be received. So receive Him.

Do not miss the point.

Jesus wants all to be invited and experience His love. If food at your party goes to waste, if there is an empty space on the dance floor, it is because there are people who did not come. It is not okay to say, “They’re missing out.” or “More for us.” Jesus has invited all to His party, to the celebration of the Eucharist. When one does not come, it hurts Him. We are supposed to be Christ-like. We should ache like Christ for all to know His love.

I serve on retreats many weekends of the year. I am at Covecrest this summer helping put on summer camp. I see transformation in the lives of hundreds of people.

It is beautiful to see a person come to know the love of Christ.

It is opposingly painful to see a person reject Jesus, by being closed off or through stubbornness. Sometimes I say, “We’re planting seeds.” Other times I worry that the soil of a person’s heart is so rocky that nothing will stick.  Those are the ones I really ache for. To see someone leave and worry that they may never know Christ is a terrible feeling. I know Christ wants to love them, but He may never be welcome.

We must fight for every soul. We must never miss an opportunity to love. We must never take Christ’s gift of Himself in the Eucharist for granted. Christ aches for you. He may not be welcome in someone else’s heart. You can only be sure He is welcome in yours.

Look at the Eucharist and see past the image of bread and wine. Know that it is Jesus Christ you are receiving, and bring everyone you can to the celebration that is the Mass!

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