Robbie Duginger

The War

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vivid and terrifying it ingrained itself in my heart and it breaks because of it. In this dream I was looking at this screen of a computer and I could see people from all over watching the same thing. On screen people, men and women were changing themselves surgically, mutilating themselves in the name of pleasure and self desire. No one seemed to be disgusted or care about their well being, they all looked awful almost demonic in a way. It didn’t stop there; it went into pornographic scenes of their own standard of physical “love” to them. They used spears, axes, sledge hammers slicing people open, bashing each other with blood everywhere in the name of pleasure. It was sick and twisted. It seemed like that out of everyone who watched I was the only one appalled at what I saw before my eyes. Everyone else seemed to be pleasured by it thinking that it seemed normal. I’ve thought of 2 things from this experience.

First, everyone seemed to think this was ok. Morals seem to not matter anymore. That its all about what makes you feel good. The most profitable business in the world is all about stealing souls, period. More and more young men and women get addicted. More than 90% of men under the age of 18 have been exposed. What has happened to our world, where our computers deal us this drug that is so harmful it distorts our image of the world.  Chains of sin and addiction bringing us back and back again for more. In my dream it was how ugly they made themselves, how it looked to be torturous. That’s what it does. It tortures our soul. Binds it in chains leaving it helpless to watch the calamity and disaster inside that turns us into a monster.

Pornography and masturbation has become so mainstream now a days that it doesn’t feel like it’s wrong anymore in schools, locker rooms, or out with your buddies. It may seem harmless and since everyone else is doing it, it can’t be bad… wrong. Just because others are doing it doesn’t make it right, it just means there’s more people messing up. With open eyes we see the truth, the ONE TRUTH in our Lord Jesus Christ, where is no room for relative truth. Even if it may seem harmless, it tears our souls, tortures, beats, and leaves it for dead.

Second is the damage. I talked a little bit about the pain I saw from the self mutilation but then nothing like the cruelty I saw in the second half with hammers and spears, things that are weapons of war. That’s what this is truly about; it IS a war, a war over your soul. When we become selfish and fall to those selfish desires we lose that battle, but we cannot afford to lose the war, to lose ourselves.  When we engage in sexual activities part of our soul is brought to the others. It is meant to be a beautiful thing. I really encourage you to check out theology of the body to learn more. It’s meant to be extremely intimate and special, but when we switch to another person and another just going around, it is tearing that soul, shoving spears inside it, bashing it with hammers, killing our soul. If we have done this and we try to move on and settle down to change, how much of our soul is left for that one we truly want to be with? We must guard our hearts against this whether its sex, pornography, lust or how we view the opposite gender. For it says in proverbs “With closest custody, guard your heart, for in it are the sources of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

Our life springs up from our hearts, our souls. Porn, sex, masturbation, lust attacks our heart, soul and therefore our life, which results in losing life. So with the blinders up we see 2 beautiful people having casual sex with tons of people for pleasure and enjoyment. When our eyes are opened we see torture, ruined souls lying in a pool of blood being pulled away by the Evil one.

Satan is tricky, very smooth, sly, and deceiving. Able to make the most profitable business in the world destroy our sexuality and future sexual life. Destroy our souls and self esteem and win the battle. The great thing is that the war is not over. Satan doesn’t have to win. Stand up; each temptation we face is a chance to say “yes” to God. Say yes and win for the kingdom.. It’s a long hard road and it won’t be easy but dang will it be worth it. Romans 8:18 says “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed to us”.  With that keep faithful, and rely on Christ.  Fight for purity, yours, your brothers, and your sisters. For that was the reality of sin. I love you and I’m praying for you.


Robbie Duginger

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Previous College Athlete, from Orange County California. I love being a missionary. I live with 9 guys in a trailer and it is quite the cozy home. I love sports, physical labor and a good meal and I'm always down for a good time with friends. If ya'll have any prayer requests let me know, its my job. You are loved.