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The Blessed Life

There’s the good life, the rich life, a bad life, heck even that show “The Buried Life”; but I’ve found one even better. It’s the blessed life. A life so beautifully sweet, I kneel at the ground of Christ’s saving feet. A life so simple, it has let me realize my blessings are ample. That my soul is filled with the glory, from the greatest never ending love story.

My life is blessed.  I know that I God is with me.  Every time I fall, I am picked right back up again, all for His glory. I have come to truly learn this through tragedy – the death of my dad. There was a moment when I wanted to give up.  I think most people wouldn’t blame me for it. I didn’t give up.  The day my mom called and told me that my dad died, I looked to Mary, our mother. She endured so much yet stayed faithful to the will of the Father. She witnessed her own son beaten, tortured, and crucified.  Through all of the trials she was unwavering and faithful to God’s plan.  I wanted to do the same. I knew God had a reason for calling my dad home to heaven. Instead of pain, I saw joy. Instead of hate, I saw love.  Even in the sorrow, I experienced joy. I know that my dad is no longer suffering.  He is in heaven, the greatest place imaginable.  He is with God and he is with me.

Christ equips us with the Holy Spirit, making it possible to do things we never thought we could. My mom had Holy Spirit grace when she called me. While she was telling me the awful news there was strength and peace. While I was bawling my eyes out, Christ was working through my mom giving her immense strength for that day. When I traveled home, Christ gave me strength in this time of tragedy – strength to stand up for and by my mom, my brothers, my sister, aunts, family and our friends. Christ showed his strength through me as others were able to lean on me.  Christ gave me the faith to see his victory over death and share what being Catholic truly means.

I am amazed by the fruit that was revealed to me through faith. I was so blessed by His grace to be a witness to so many people at the vigil service and viewing.    Christ’s love through our family helped people grow in their faith and brought people closer to the Father. God is good.  God is faithful even in the hard times.  The Holy Spirit is in you. Receive his amazing love and share it with others.  I love you and I’m praying for you.

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Robbie Duginger

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Previous College Athlete, from Orange County California. I love being a missionary. I live with 9 guys in a trailer and it is quite the cozy home. I love sports, physical labor and a good meal and I'm always down for a good time with friends. If ya'll have any prayer requests let me know, its my job. You are loved.