Kiera Regan

Spirit Break Out

Last week we were all out together playing a game of soccer. Before I go much further, know that I’m not very good at soccer, but I love defense. No matter the sport, put me on defense, and I’m good to go. So automatically, I stayed back and waited for the other team to attack.

I went probably 95% of the game in this spot on defense and had a few ‘ok’ stops, but mostly the other team kicked it around me. It was getting late and the other team was up 4-0. I yelled out “next goal wins,” typically how I like to end games, and everyone sort of nodded their head, laughed, and agreed. We kicked it down field, and I decided to try offense. A few plays went off and the ball went back and forth between teams until finally, the ball was passed to me, right in front of the goal. She shoots, she scores! The crowd went wild! We won the game!

Seriously, I scored! We won! I was just as surprised as you probably are.

I went to prayer the next morning and thought about the game and my winning goal and laughed. Then I thought, “I should really play offense more.”

A lot of my prayer these past few months has been about spiritual warfare and how to be fearless in the face of temptation and evil and to stand firm in God’s grace and love. And I realized all my prayer has been about being on the defense. I have to defend myself against spiritual attack.

I had the image of a huge Braveheart type battle, and I was fighting, but really only defending each blow from the enemy’s sword. I was beaten down and back. I looked defeated. My army had fallen back, and the enemy was pressing forward.

I can’t just be on the defense, otherwise the enemy will attack and attack, and eventually I will run out of strength and supplies. I need to attack. I need to pressure the enemy. I can only defeat him if I attack and take the offensive.

If we stand in the light of our God, nothing can stop us. I love the song “Great I Am” by New Life Worship; if you haven’t heard it, youtube it right now! The bridge goes like this: “the mountains shake before Him, the demons run and flee, at the mention of the name, King of Majesty. There is no power in hell, nor any who can stand before the power and the presence of the Great I Am.”

Wow, what a God we have. He is all power and all might. He does not hide behind a fortress while the enemy showers him with rocks and fire. No: He stamps out evil and destroys death. Evil has no power. The devil has no power. Stand up and fight!

How? We pray, living in the Spirit always. We pray for others. We call upon the name of Jesus to be our light and rid us of the darkness. We run to confession to be in the light. We run to the Eucharist to receive God himself, who is all strength. Only He Who Is can defeat evil and He can do it through us. Say yes to God. Love Him with all your heart. Live in the light of His presence. Let His Spirit break out through you and stop the evil one before he gets too close.

We stand. We fight. The time is now to throw down your life and declare it for Jesus. There is NO power in hell nor any who can stand, before the POWER and the PRESENCE of the GREAT I AM!

Kiera Regan

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I am the female house leader at the Covecrest Mission Base in Tiger, GA. I really do like long walks though I prefer the woods to the beach. If you like my blogs please email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from y'all! Check me out on twitter at LT_kregan and God Bless!