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No Place Like Home

I miss home.

I miss sleeping in my room on Long Island. I haven’t been there since January and I won’t return until half way through August.

I miss hearing my sister’s crazy music blasting from her room.

I miss the air compressor going on and off in my dad’s garage at the wee hours of the morning.

I miss my mom’s cooking.

But all of these things are a sacrifice I’m willing to miss to serve the Lord who laid his life down for the salvation of my soul.

As my time living in the physical place of Covecrest quickly comes to an end and I prepare my heart to serve at Camp Hiawassee during the summer, and then live and serve in Atlanta, God is moving a lot of things around in my heart.

I’m struggling to feel a constant presence of home, and struggling to feel confident in what God is doing. With that, the idea of being a nomad has entered my prayer. I haven’t really moved around a lot, but I do call a lot of different places home. I went to school in Florida for four years, and I call that place home. I served summers at Covecrest and Tepeyac claiming those places as home for weeks. I have friends and family who have welcomed me into their lives and opened up their homes to me. See the struggle?

BUT there is a freedom in the realization that came through prayer and reading through Pope Francis’s first audience. My home is truly in the Lord. My home is where Jesus is. My home is in the Mass, and the Eucharist, and the love of Christ.

“Jesus has no home because his home is in the people, his mission is open to all the doors to God, to be the presence of God’s love”- Pope Francis

Take these words of our Pope and rest in them. Take them to prayer and allow God to penetrate your heart and find rest in HIM.

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Amanda Cassar

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I'm from Long Island. I have a funny accent. I can't eat Gluten or Dairy, and I really love Jesus.