Are you willing to be crucified with Me?

A couple of days ago I was praying about Jesus’ crucifixion. While picturing the scene, I all of a sudden realized that Jesus had to open His hands in order to be crucified. I mean: there’s no way they could have nailed His hands to the cross if they weren’t open.

Jesus opened His hands to be crucified for me – He was willing to die for me! An overwhelming love, that also gave me the desire to console Him, right there on the cross! But, how do you console someone who’s hanging on a cross to die for you? I had no idea.

Then I heard Jesus say to me: “Ellen, are you willing to console Me? Are you willing to open your hands like I did and be nailed to the same cross with Me? Are you willing to accept all the (small) sufferings and frustrations? Are you willing to open up your hands and be crucified with Me? I will be there to comfort you, but it’s also the best way to comfort and console Me! I already said yes – are you willing to do that with Me and for Me?”

Wow… there was literally nothing I could say the first couple minutes after that. My heart was burning with love for Jesus! Of course I wanted to console and comfort Him! Yes, I wanted to be crucified with Him! But, I also realized that it wasn’t enough to say that in prayer.

No, my prayer had to flow into action. I had to be crucified with Jesus, moment for moment. I had to choose to accept all my small daily frustrations and sufferings – without complaining;┬ásimply accept and offer it up to Jesus – to be with Him in the suffering and console Him that way.

There are lots of opportunities for this – everyday again. Simple small things like being tired, being cold or missing my family at home.
Every time it’s a choice: do I accept the suffering or frustration and open my hands to be crucified or do I hold my hands closed and keep complaining?

Jesus doesn’t need me to save the world – He has already done that. But, it brings Him great joy and consolation if I choose to unite my sufferings with His.

It’s not easy for me to accept frustrations and sufferings without any complaining. It’s not easy to open my hands, be crucified and die to self. But Jesus promised that I would be on the cross with Him – and I am. He is always there and holds me, while I’m dying to myself. It’s painful and beautiful at the same time. I know that it gives Jesus so much joy – and that’s all that matters! I want to love Him because of everything He has done for me!

And you? Are you willing to be crucified with Jesus? He already opened His hands, are you going to open yours?

About the Author

I was born in the South of The Netherlands and God led me to America to become a Life Teen Missionary in September 2011. I love reading, crafts and movies, but most of all: I'm in love with Jesus! I love to serve Him as a Life Teen Missionary in Atlanta this year! Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]