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Training Day: The “ministry” in Eucharistic Ministry

I have been a Eucharistic Minister before, but coming into a new diocese, it turns out I have to be trained within the diocese before being able to serve. And I thought, “oh, well that sucks!” And shrugged off this service I have been doing.
But now, having the opportunity to be trained made me grow into a greater desire to become a Eucharistic Minister. I now see the “ministry” in Eucharistic Ministry.A ministry?Yes, let’s begin with the the “Eucharist” in Eucharistic Ministry.

What is the Eucharist?
It is the love of God the Father for us fulfilled through the greatest gift one can ever give; one’s own life, Jesus Christ Himself. And this  “love” between the Father and the Son, poured out what we know as the “Holy Spirit.”

Now, as priests, men who have laid down their lives for the love of the father (just as Jesus gave up His life for the love of His Father) through the love of the Holy Spirt, have the power to consecrate bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ (just as Jesus did through the love of the Holy Spirit at the Last Supper).

So, all this love in the Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, is brought to us as the Eucharist at Mass everyday. We also use the Eucharist, Jesus Christ, for Adoration to bring forth our (everyone in the world) Savior and put Him on display for everyone to see and praise our Father.

Here is where the ministry comes in.

We as the laity (everyone other than priests) of the Church, have the blessing to be able to receive the Eucharist. And the bonus, to be able to hand out the Eucharist.

And today I have the opportunity to be trained to be able to take what I have received; the greatest gift one can ever give, and hand it to my fellow brothers and sisters! To do it in memory of Him. How awesome is that?

As a Life Teen Missionary, my mission is to lead teens closer to Christ. And now being able to not just lead teens closer to Christ but to physically and literally hand teens Christ, is more than anything else I can ever do!
The Body of Christ.

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