“when something was broke we didn’t throw it away”

Dominic is this 75 year old man who was here on retreat with a parish this weekend and he said, in his opinion, that people no longer fight for anything, they give up so easily. Another couple who had been married for 65 years was asked in an interview “How did you do it?” and the husband responded that “In my days, when something was broke we didn’t throw it away”.  The more I thought about these comments; I realized how true it is. How often do I take the easy way out just because I can? We are in a culture where everything we could ever need is at our fingertips and there for instant gratification but it seems that the things that really fulfill us take patience, time, and hard work.  Beware of anyone offering instant gratifications.

I think this is why I enjoy backpacking so much because you have to cook your own food, pitch your own tent, and walk from point A to point B. Because of all this hard work, sleep and eating become ‘that much more enjoyable’. You have to actually work to get something good. The couples I wrote about above both have one beautiful thing in common, not because it was easy, but because when it was broke they didn’t throw it away and they did not take the easy way out of life.

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