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Drop Everything Now

What does it mean to say YES? This has been the question that has been encompassing my every thought. I’ve been writing the word YES on my hand everyday for the past few weeks. When I don’t want to wake up in the morning, or love someone in my community the way they deserve to be loved then I glance down at my hand and remember. But, am I really going to take all that comes with a YES? I’m finding out slowly what my YES to Life Teen Missions means.

For me it means:
Loving when I’m tired,
Taking out the trash and getting that nights’ dinner juiced down my legs,
Lighting bonfires,
Writing talks,
Leading small groups,
Getting up early,
Doing what God wants me to do and NOT what I want to do,
Saying YES to letting God love me totally and completely,
Unclogging toilets,
Living in a house with 8 other women,
Cold showers some mornings…

So, maybe God isn’t calling you to be a Life Teen Missionary, or maybe he is, but he’s calling you to do something. Maybe he’s calling you to go to college. Or start a new job, in a new place, with new friends. Either way God has a plan by saying YES, dropping everything and knowing God will be victorious.

When I said YES I didn’t know every detail that was going to happen this year but God did. His plan is better than any expectation I could have placed on the year.

Just say YES and God will take care of the rest.

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Amanda Cassar

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I'm from Long Island. I have a funny accent. I can't eat Gluten or Dairy, and I really love Jesus.