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You are Missionary !!!

I am a Missionary. I’ve committed to two years being a missionary with Life Teen Missions. For me that meant leaving my home country of Germany again and moving to the middle of nowhere, to a place called Covecrest.

I am blessed to live in a Catholic community and to be able to serve our community.

One of the things we do is meeting people from our neighborhood. We just knock on their doors and talk with them. Often they are a bit lonely or they can’t leave their homes because they have some physical limitations.  They just need someone to listen to them and before we go we ask them how we can pray for them.  So far every single time we asked people if we can pray for them they said yes. I think this is so awesome. You need to know that where I come from people might not even open their doors if someone shows up they don’t know.

You might wonder why I am telling you this. The reason is quite simple. This is not about me. This is about you. Yes, I am a missionary, but so are you!!!

Pope John Paul II wrote: “All the Laity are Missionaries by baptism.” (This is from the encyclical “Mission of the Redeemer”, if you want to read it, here is the Link: )

That means every baptized person is called to be Missionary!

Being Missionary means to be Christ to others, to share with people the Gospel. To share the Gospel means to love. God is calling all of us to that, to be Missionary, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

I encourage you to ask God what that looks like for you, for where you are now. This can look different to everyone.

It might mean to love someone in your class more, someone who seems a bit lonely. Or it might mean to tell your non-Christian friends about youth group. Or it might mean God is calling you on a mission trip or even to full time Missions, meaning dedicating a certain time of your life just for that.

Ask God what this call to be Missionary means for you.


Pray for us, St Therese!

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