Mission Glasgow


Just receive an Intel about a missionary that will be off the grid of Atlanta for 168 hours. About over a year ago on October 2011, we believe a parish in the country of United State of America has adopted one of our Life Teen missionaries. Evidence have confirm that the youth minister of St. Raphael Catholic Church in Glasgow, Montana and the parish have adopted Life Teen missionary Vince Dao, born and Catechize in Southern California, as his mission partner.

What does this mean? What is mission partner? What’s adopting a Life Teen missionary?

Life Teen missionaries were asked to find mission partners to support them in their mission by donating to their mission and/or praying for them as they committed 2 years of their life to serve on God’s mission. Vince had taken the mission to the next level of courage without fear to ask St. Raphael’s parish to adopt him as their missionary. Over the year, Vince has been communicating, giving testimonies, acting in a skit, and etc. with the teens and core team at St. Raphael’s Life Teen through Skype. The pastor of St. Raphael offered Mass intentions for Vince’s mission at their parish. The youth ministry at the parish has been sending care package and donation to Vince’s mission.

What’s the new mission?

Vince will be going to St. Raphael for his next mission to lead a few Life Nights, retreat, and senior mini retreat. St. Raphael is flying him out to their parish to journey with the teens and the parish.



Be part of Vince’s mission and pray for this amazing mission. Also, tune in to the blessing of Mission Glasgow.

This message will self-destruct…


Just kidding… to be continued!  

About the Author

Vince was born and raise in California. He is currently a first year missionary for Life Teen at Covecrest. He recently graduated in June 2011 from University of California, Irvine (UCI) with a BA degree in Public Health Policy. By baptism, God called all his children to become holy. So, he strive to become a holy man of God and does his best to lead anyone he encounter closer to Christ. He likes to play guitar and use this talent to praise God. He enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, dancing, and hanging out with family and friends. He is passionate about the Eucharist and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. If you would like to contact him, you can reach him by emailing him at [email protected] You can also follow him on Twitter- @LT_VinceD.