Dolphin Tales

Dolphins have been my favorite animals since I was a little kid. I collected all possible dolphin things and my biggest dream was to become a dolphin trainer. I loved going to dolphin shows and sleeping with my stuffed dolphins.

I never became this dolphin trainer but I still like dolphins a lot. I have never seen wild dolphins and I would love to see them one day.

In the beginning of January we went to Florida for a retreat and had the opportunity to hang out at the beach for a little bit. My missionary sister Angela and I decided to ask Jesus to give us dolphins. Confident in His love for us we were pretty sure Jesus would give us what we asked for.

And He did! He gave us lots of dolphins: statues, pictures, paintings. There were literally dolphins everywhere that day. But He didn’t give us real dolphins. That was a little disappointing since that was what we had hoped for.

I decided to ask Jesus in prayer why He didn’t give us real dolphins. He said that He gives us the right gifts at the right time. Like a boyfriend wouldn’t give his girlfriend the biggest gift on the first day of their relationship, Jesus also gives us specific gifts at appropriate times. Pretty cool idea – God loves us so much that He romances us in a perfect way.

A couple weeks later I got to go to the Georgia Aquarium and they had a dolphin show. Jesus gave me my dolphins! And He gave me something else: a glimpse of His perfect plan. While I was marveling about the perfection of the show and how beautiful God had created dolphins He called me out with the following words: “Ellen, don’t you think that I can create the most perfect plan for your life and future if I can create animals so perfect and beautiful?”

The middle of a dolphin show is a little weird place to think about your future but it made me realize how perfect God and His plan for us are! Am I willing to trust and believe that He has the perfect plan? Am I willing to let God form my life and future into something that is even more beautiful than a dolphin show? Am I willing to stop planning my life and receive the gifts He has for me?

God gives us the gifts we need at the right and perfect moment! Do you want to accept His gifts and let Him unfold the most beautiful plan for your life? I’m praying for you – that you may have the courage to let God create a perfect plan for your life and accept the gifts He is giving you.

I can’t wait for the day He will give me the wild dolphins I would love to see. All in His timing and His plan!

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I was born in the South of The Netherlands and God led me to America to become a Life Teen Missionary in September 2011. I love reading, crafts and movies, but most of all: I'm in love with Jesus! I love to serve Him as a Life Teen Missionary in Atlanta this year! Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]