I am still here!

That’s what Jesus said to me in the half empty church on Christmas Morning. “I am still here!”

It was great to be back at home in The Netherlands for Christmas break. But it was hard to see the church being so empty during the only Mass on Christmas morning. Heartbreaking to realize that the Church I love so much is struggling. Painful to see that people from the country that’s so dear to my heart don’t realize how beautiful it is to give Jesus a central place in Christmas. Seeing that people don’t seem to care about going to Mass anymore was definitely a hard moment on Christmas morning.

But at that same moment I saw the tabernacle with the burning candle next to it. Jesus was present in the Eucharist. I heard Him whisper in my heart: “I’m still here Ellen, I’m still here”.

These simple words made me realize how much God loves Europe and especially the people in Europe. He will never abandon them, He will never leave them because His love for them is too great. He will stay with them until the end of times – no matter what happens, no matter how empty the churches may look. That’s what He promised at the end of His life on this earth: “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age” (Mt. 28:20). And God is faithful – He will fulfill His promise!

God is here! There’s no reason to panic or stress about the hard time and struggles the Church in Europe is going through. God is here and will be here! Are we willing to believe that and really trust that He will take care of His Church in Europe (and in the whole world)?

Trusting doesn’t mean we can lean back and enjoy the fact that God is with His Church all over the world. Hearing Jesus say, “I’m still here” gave me an even bigger passion to give my life for Him and for His Church. I have to stand up for our faith, I have to share it and work actively for God’s Church. I can’t be silent, I can’t give up on God or His Church. God is committed and asks me to be that as well!

That Christmas morning I renewed my yes to God and His Church. Yes, I’m willing to give my all and keep Jesus company, even when it seems difficult and lonely.
Jesus, I’m here with You and for You!

What about you? Are you willing to say to Christ, “I’m here with You” and give your life for Him & His Church?


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I was born in the South of The Netherlands and God led me to America to become a Life Teen Missionary in September 2011. I love reading, crafts and movies, but most of all: I'm in love with Jesus! I love to serve Him as a Life Teen Missionary in Atlanta this year! Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]