Am I Jen or Peter?

On my 8-day silent retreat I focused on diving deep into the gospels using all my senses and interacting with Jesus. Since I obviously had a lot of time set aside to pray I was able to slowly dive into many of the stories and bring them to life. I couldn’t help but connect with Peter and how much Peter longed to be near to Jesus. The relationship between Peter and Jesus touched my heart so deeply that at times I was living the gospel as Peter. It was an amazing way to learn about Christ on a whole different level, on such a level that when it came time for the Passion, I felt the emotions that Peter must have felt when his Lord and savior appeared to be leaving them and then experiencing the pure joy they felt when Jesus appeared to them after his death. My silent retreat ended the day I experienced Pentecost and I was left off exactly where Peter was; lit up and sold out for Christ. In the Acts of the Apostles Peter says, “We cannot help but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

I want to challenge you that when you read scripture to really dive deep into it and get to really understand who Jesus was and what he did on an intimate level.

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