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Blown Away!

It’s the 18th week of our mission in Haiti and still I am in awe of the Lord’s faithfulness. He promised that he would send us on mission to Haiti and he did. He promised us community and we are surrounded by families, priests, and parishes that love us. He ensured us that he would provide spiritually and physically. We live with a priest, so the sacraments are available to us daily, and we have never gone without (maybe no running water or power for a few days but he always made a way). Plus, the generosity of our mission partners has surpassed what we expected. The Lord promised that he would use us to bring the young people of Haiti closer to his son and our ministry in Haiti is flourishing. The Lord is leading the charge and we are right behind him.

Our youth ministry looks a little something like this: A group of teens walk up to our steps to hang out, we play cards, do some crafts and invite them to the chapel for some prayer. On another day, teens come and we play a game, talk about their day, and then read the Youcat together. We’ll invite a few teenaged guys over to play basketball and 30 will show up so we play, sit them all down on the court and a male missionary will share about true man-hood. We have been so blessed in our mission.The Lord is opening the doors and we are walking through them.

haiti ball

But it gets better! We plan an XLT like no other XLT I’ve seen before. We go to the high schools, public and Catholic, and invite hundreds of teens. They show up at our mission base (100+). We process to the parish alongside a truck with a live praise and worship band on it. We pick up 100 more teens on the way to the parish. Over 200 teens are on their knees adoring our Eucharistic Lord. It’s a sight to be seen. So we did it again the following month and again the Lord blew us away.

XLT Haiti

I’ve come to learn that we are mere instruments of the Lord and our mission is not ours but his. Our ministry and how we serve him must flow from him and back to him. However, it requires us to be docile to his Spirit, which calls for lots of prayer, and discerning his will. Never before in my life have I been so amazed by God’s faithfulness than now. Life Teen Mission Haiti is truly ordained by the Lord and we are so excited about what the Lord has done and what he will continue to do. So, I invite you to pray, to be docile to the Holy Spirit and to ask the Lord what his mission is for you. I promise you that you too will be blown away.


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Paul and Anna Albert

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We have been married 2 years and have a one year old son, Nathaniel. We're from Massachusetts, where we met at a Life Teen parish in 2010. We pretty much have nothing in common except the fact that we are both crazy about Christ and His Church, oh and we both aspired to be rappers at one point in our lives.