Your Call of Duty: To Be Fearless


This image is a screen shot of the popular game “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.” A game that I love and still play. It’s fun . . . it’s exciting . . . it’s fast paced.


What is it that we men [and some women] love about video games? I will admit, I have been playing video games since I was 4 years old with my father. Running around in my red shirt and overalls . . . jumping on enemy’s heads while trying to collect mushrooms and save the princess.

I think there is one major reason why people love video games: They want to be a hero. Every man (and some women) want to save the world. We want to beat the bad guys and save the princess. We want to be put into a situation where everyone is in danger and we face impossible odds – yet we face them anyways.

We want to be fearless. Video games offer that challenge. All from the safety of your own home. The only dangers you have to face are wasting countless hours in front of a screen, breaking your consol or controller, and your mom pulling the plug on you just before you beat the boss! There is no real danger! We get to be the heros and yet we don’t have to put anything on the line . . . Or do we?

You’re More Than Your Score

I think video games, as much as I love them, are one of the biggest tools Satan uses in our lives. Especially us men. We are faced with many, many lies. Such as:

“Our lives aren’t exciting enough.”

“There is no real danger.”

“You can’t be a hero unless your killing some bad guy and saving the world.”

“If you want to be a man you have to have the best score, kill/death ratio or the coolest kills.”

Videogames are one of the most distracting things in the world.

Men, put your controllers down and listen up. IT’S JUST A GAME! Even if you “catch them all” or have the “best K/D” it doesn’t make you a man. In fact, if that is your focus, you are still living the life of a boy.

We as men too often turn on the Xbox or PS3 or any other gaming system to escape into this alternate reality. A world where we have the ability to be a hero, to save the lives of millions, and to become the strongest and most admired person in the world. But this world is a lie. There is nothing manly about having the best K/D or killing the biggest dragon. As a gamer, it is super cool and feels great when this does happen, but it does not make you a man.

What does make you a man

If you want to be a man then step into the world God has placed you in. You are faced with an opponent harder to defeat than any game ever created; Satan. He is invisible and he will try to use everything against you. And there is no health bar. You don’t find out if you lose until the very end.

Now, this is a challenge! This is a battle that will determine if you are a man or not. Put your controllers down when you enter the world, your schools, your jobs, your friend’s house, the store.

You are in a battlefield. A battle for each and every life that you see. You can’t see your enemies, but you can see what’s at stake. We do face “impossible odds” where everything will be fighting against us. Hordes of media and countless lies will be thrown at you to derail you. This isn’t a life for just anyone, this is the life of a real hero.

Fearless Heroes

If we want to be Fearless then you have to fight. You can’t just sit behind a screen; you have to train yourself.

We have to “Lvl Up” our skills. Pick our weapons carefully. Strategy is key.

Read the bible, it’s your greatest weapon. Stay away from where the enemy is “camping” and surround yourself with your allies. Instead of focusing on your K/D, focus on trying to bring Christ to every person you meet. Imagine seeing the statistics of how many people you brought to Christ when you get to Heaven.

Don’t spend hours trying to beat that boss, spend hours praying and deepening your relationship with the most powerful warrior in the world – Christ.

It comes down to this. A hero is the man who goes out into the world and brings the Gospel to everyone he comes in contact with. Those men in those video games that we play, their challenge is nothing compared to ours.

Men . . . be fearless! We don’t need video games to be a hero. We need to live the lives we were given.

You can choose to be a hero every day in your “normal life.” You can be a man who goes out into the world fighting for a greater kingdom – the kingdom of God. But you have to be willing to be fearless.

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