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What is mission?

Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, build a family a house. The media portrays all these needs around the world and opens our hearts to charity work, to give generous gifts to help aid these needs. Huge wonderful organizations invite us to go on mission, to a third-world country, and aid the poor and hungry hands-on. It gives us the image of what “mission” is; to donate money, materials, and time to the less fortunate because, we are all “people” and it is unfair to lose all of our properties due to having a corrupted government and or natural disasters.

Is this a good thing? Yes, yes it is. It is an amazing thing and I support it one hundred percent. But what about the people we encounter in our daily life? The people that are bombarded also through the media and are given the image of what a “man” and a “woman” should be? What about the lonely teen at school? Or that mean and immature co-worker we hate to see everyday, let’s not forget that random cashier at the grocery store, and most important, the people in our own home. These people who are simply hungry for friends, to be loved, to be noticed, to be a part of something they can call home. These people who are naked from their dignity and die inside because they are being bullied, ridiculed, and are facing great struggles in their life.

Not to say that we should forget about foreign mission but, to understand the true meaning of mission. The mission we are all called on from the day we were born.

We can donate to a cause and feed many people but, that doesn’t mean salvation. As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” As children of God, we are all called to not feed one another for a day but, to feed one another for eternity; To teach those who are lost and away from God about salvation, and the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins. That there is hope, that there is a heaven, that there is a God who loves us.

WE ARE MADE FOR MORE! We are made to love one another as He loves us, to give his people knowledge of salvation and to go out into the world and welcome them into Christ’s family. To feed his people with his Word, teachings, and Body and Blood! For He is with us, and all He wants is for us to share in His Joy.

Every time we encounter someone, whether on a foreign mission or our neighbor, it is a daily mission to share the love of God with them. That, they not only encounter a friendly loving person but, most importantly, that they encounter Christ Himself.

Brothers and Sisters, let us accept this mission God has given to us, witnessed through Jesus, and be men and woman of God. Why? Because, we are all children of God and whether we are sinners, poor or rich, we are all worthy of God’s great love and mercy. We are all invited into the Heavenly Kingdom of our God. For we were not made to survive but to LIVE! To live for God, with God and in God! For not only this earthly life but for ETERNITY!


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Lazaro Arreola

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My name is Lazaro but go by Lazar (laser) and I am a Life Teen Missionary. I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I really like chocolate, dancing and praising God in any weather, language and country! I am a Baseball Fan and like going to Ball Games. Go Dodgers! I like tweeting about how God is moving through the Holy Sprit in my life and those of teenagers. Follow me @LT_lazaro