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Is Life Worth Living?

Is life worth living? With artists like Ed Sheeran, burgers at Five Guys and spending summers going to the Van’s Warped Tour, I’d say yes! Life is great! What college age kid doesn’t love to hang out, throw down a few heelflips on a skateboard (one of the few tricks I can do) and hit up 7 Eleven sucking down Fanta slurpees until three a.m with all your best friends? These are a few ways I have learned to love this place we’re all stuck in called life. I have found joy in friends that share this commonality in enjoying life this way, but what happens when I feel depressed? Maybe because of an argument with my friend or maybe I failed my final paper I spent hours on? The things that normally set me on fire burn out so fast? I don’t feel better after playing a game of ultimate frisbee in the parking lot of Walgreens, or racing shopping carts in the isles of Walmart. Emptiness, fear, self-hatred, isolation begin to settle in. Why aren’t my friends there for me when I REALLY need them?

All this sums up the necessity to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ! My friends, my passions, even my family can leave me stranded, but my Heavenly Father never leaves me and instills a joy within my heart that satisfies (not like a snickers!) my thirsty soul. My heart goes out to B.o.B who two years ago wrote perfectly about the emptiness of the world in his song “Airplanes.” He says, “After all the partyin’ and smashin’…there comes a time when you fade to the blackness and when you’re staring at that phone in your lap and you’re hoping but them people never call you back.” Some will search and search, acquiring more cool clothes, going to the most popular parties, and dating everyone in their friend group to find something authentically satisfying to live for, but they are wasting their time. Life is worth living because God has destined a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives. As Father McKeown says, “To do anything less than the will of God for your life will bore you.” Be fulfilled. Let Him love you and direct your life. I love you, God loves you, pass it on.

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Erik Siclari

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I am a 20 year old Italian from Connecticut! I skateboard, play the drums, and I listen, am inspired, and glorify God through Punk Rock. My favorite band is Slick Shoes, my favorite store is Zumiez, and my favorite part about being Catholic is Adoration!! I love my precious King Jesus sooo much! I hope you enjoy my blogs =) Peace out!