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Mommas’ Got My Back

Growing up in middle school, I shared a bed with my two sisters. It was crazy! Every night would either end with an argument or on some occasions, with loud laughter.  Someone would get mad for kicking someone else – war broke out, we would scream and hate each other randomly without care. Or, we would crack jokes all night and be very merry. Sound familiar? But, I came to love and admire my sisters as we grew older.

We would go shopping all day with Mom, and became spoiled with clothes.  Our relationship became a caring and a humorous loving relationship. Whether it was a trip to the grocery store or the department store, my sisters and I were excited to know what was coming. Running around the store trying things on or playing with the shopping-cart, it meant fun!

Time goes on, my older sister got a job, my younger sister was still in high school and I had class every other day.  And I also moved in with my older brothers four doors down. But we still kept close, and it was now only Mom and I going shopping from store to store all day. I grew very close with my mom and we love to hang out all the time.  Mom is, who i can call, a very loving and faithful mother.  Taught me to go to Church and raised me with motherly love. I also have two very close friends back home who are girls and share many of my thoughts with. We would go out to eat together or just pick each other up and hang out.

So I grew up with feminine figures, and grew close with these women in my life and just loved it.

Now God comes in and asks me to move away from all that merry-ness and love – and become a missionary!

To join Life Teen Missions and “Lead Teens Closer to Christ.”  This was very hard for me but, I, being in love with serving others, especially in faith, accepted His invitation to use me any way He wanted. Three weeks later I’m on a plane flying from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA (across the nation) to join fourteen other missionaries on a formation year of a two-year commitment.  Crazy right?

Living here in community with eight girls and six guys, was a huge jump. There’s a line between us guys and girls this first year and were asked to keep anything from attracting one another and guard our sisters’ hearts.  In sharing and working we would do guys and girls separate, this was hard for me. I started to miss that feminine and motherly love I had back home. I started to detach myself in sharing with my brothers here in community and was seeking a motherly relationship.

I couldn’t go to any of the girls here and wasn’t used to sharing with guys, so this is where it all began – I FOUND MARY!

What greater mother than the Mother of God? I came to know and love the Virgin Mary (who I now call Mother Mary). You see, Mary is who God chose to bore His Son and also raise His Son as the Savior of the world, through the Angel Gabriel. (Luke 1:26-38) She knew who Jesus was going to be and what he was sent for.

How do I know Mother Mary knew?

In the Wedding at Cana, (John 2:1-11) Mary tells Jesus, that they’re out of wine, challenging Jesus to begin His mission on which he was sent. And, Jesus says to her that He is not ready but, Mary orders the servants to listen to Jesus, for Mary knew He was ready. So then Jesus turns the water into wine and, the miracles begin.

In prayer, I saw Mother Mary as my heavenly Mother, leading me to do good – kicking away the bad, standing between me and Satan and pointing me to Christ. Challenging me to step out of my comfort-zone. Now I know Mother Mary is watching over me and giving me that motherly love I had missed dearly.

My faith has grown so much. I now look and ask for her prayers for me. Just as a mother protects her child from falling, and does what she can to keep her child from following the wrong path, Mary does for all of us, and the whole Catholic Church.

Brothers and sisters, Mother Mary is our mother leading us to Christ. Whether we are separate or with our parents, Mary is always there in the good and bad times, pointing us to the Savior.

I feel more courageous to face life’s temptations and evil. I can focus on my mission without doubt, for i know MOMMAS’ GOT MY BACK!

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Lazaro Arreola

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My name is Lazaro but go by Lazar (laser) and I am a Life Teen Missionary. I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I really like chocolate, dancing and praising God in any weather, language and country! I am a Baseball Fan and like going to Ball Games. Go Dodgers! I like tweeting about how God is moving through the Holy Sprit in my life and those of teenagers. Follow me @LT_lazaro