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Don’t Drop the Fruit Tray

Picture this, you are at a family BBQ and your mom gives you a rather large fruit tray. It all looks so delicious and the last words you hear her yell are “Be careful! Don’t drop it!” The tray starts to get heavy but you perservere, you can see the table just outside, it is in sight.

Then WHAM-O you smash right into the sliding glass door. Pineapple juice is dripping down your leg and the dog is already eating the watermelon off the floor. You’ve suddenly lost all hope and ambitions to become an Olympic Fruit Tray Carrier, but more horribly your pride is sitting in the pineapple juice at your feet.

Suddenly your very dear aunt comes out of nowhere like an angel sent from God to help you wipe the watermelon juice off your toes, lets the dog outside and helps you clean up the honey dew that splattered on the window.

Often times in my prayer life I feel like I’ve just walked into a sliding glass door. I get into the chapel and I can see Jesus waiting for me on the altar to embrace him. Just as I get the courage WHAM-O I smack into this glass wall. For me that glass wall consists of pride, doubt, lack of self-worth, past sins and the struggle to believe I am God’s beloved.

Then I reflect on Psalm 118:10 “In the Lord’s name I crush them” and I just see God smashing that glass door of all the “stuff” that’s holding me back from HIM. When we have a desire in our heart to grow closer to the Lord, HE, will make that happen. Trust in the Lord, that He too will smash the glass doors in your life that are blocking you from feeling God’s warm embrace.

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Amanda Cassar

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I'm from Long Island. I have a funny accent. I can't eat Gluten or Dairy, and I really love Jesus.