Woody Levy

Double-Wide Pride!

What is Double-Wide Pride? This is a saying that the male missionaries living together invented, it means “Brotherhood”.

Being here has given me a family I thought I would never have. We have grown beyond just men of God to brothers in Christ.

Coming here it was a little shaky, not knowing one another, but we began to dig deeper in our faith and the common bond we all share as fellow men of God and missionaries. It was through this bond that we started to see the strengths in each other and wanted to help make that strength even stronger than before. It has been tough getting use to the change, and all of us realizing that we are here for a whole year and it has only been two full months. But we look forward to the months ahead to come.

The time that I have to grow with my brothers is time that I cherish now and forever. Through every retreat and prayer, I know that God has given me a family to always lean on for support and inspiration.

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Woody Levy

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