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Every weekday morning I wake up at 5:15 a.m. to do the work-out program Insanity with some of the other guy missionaries. A lot of people call me insane for getting up so early, but, being a morning person, I love getting up early and feeling like I’ve done something useful with my day. One thing we always love to joke about is the tag line of the video, “Dig Deeper.” It’s overplayed, and the way they say it just makes me want to laugh. But I began to really think about the statement “Dig Deeper.” How is this applicable to my life other than a workout video?

So I began to pray about it, and as I began to reflect on my own life, I started to see all the ways that my life is rather shallow. Now I’m not saying that I’m a shallow person, but rather, many aspects of my life are very surface level. I have started to realize that my prayer life is one of those areas that is rather surface level. I’ll pray about something going wrong in my life or something that the Lord brings to me, and I’ll often just pray for it to be over. Or, I will examine my¬†conscience¬†and go to Reconciliation, and when I’m finished and clean, I forget about it all. I often act like my prayer life is a checklist, trying to accomplish a lot, and as soon as something is resolved, I’ll check it off and forget about it. But in reality, I’ll never scratch the surface of what the Lord is calling me to.

Lately, however, the Lord has been leading me deeper. He has been teaching me to ask more questions in my life. Rather than just simply going to Reconciliation, I have begun to ask myself, “Why am I sinning in this way?” Rather than just asking the Lord to take my hardships away from me, I have begun to ask, “Why am I in this struggle, and where are You in it?” or “How can You be glorified in this?”

Since I have begun to ask these types of questions, my prayer life and intimacy with the Lord have begun to grow. I have slowly started to release myself from my checklist-style prayer life and get back to the heart of prayer, a relationship with the Lord. While I’m still pretty new to this way of thinking and praying, and it’s hard to get used to, I know that the Lord is always calling me to a deeper relationship with Him.

How is the Lord asking you to “Dig Deeper?”

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During my last year of college, I felt the Lord's call to be a missionary so that I could serve Him alone. I'm crazy about the Church, and I love the Eucharist. My other loves are mowing the grass, a hot cup of coffee, and cooking great food. If you'd like to contact me, email me at [email protected]