Joy in Transition

It’s common to get frustrated when you have to park in a parking spot that is 10 more yards than preferred or wait in line for coffee when you could be getting something accomplished. Transitions such as walking or driving to the next thing become a waste of time and a roadblock to the next thing on our list of things to do.

During formation, Chris asked the group what the best part is about living at Covecrest so far and crazy enough, my answer was transitioning in between activities. Transitioning from activity to activity during the day has become one of the most blessed times in my day. Living at Covecrest, we walk almost everywhere we go. It may seem like a burden or a waste of time, but for me it brings life to my day. It is these small times in the day that I have a choice. I can shorten my time to where I am forced to rush from event to event or hurry just for the sake of not feeling unproductive. Or the other choice: finding joy in transition. I have found that a slow walk to the chapel in the morning is one of the nicest parts of my day. I am headed to the chapel to do a holy hour, so why not begin my prayer on my way there and take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. It is amazing how at peace I feel when I enter the chapel if I have taken my time to admire the fog rising over the pond and listen for the sounds of birds and crickets.

Throughout the day as I am traveling from one building to the next, I keep in mind the importance of this time I have to myself or to share in conversation with a friend. Some of the most fruitful conversations I have had have been during these times in between activities. Transitions are not a waste of time nor are they unproductive: they are an opportunity to be present to the world.

This can apply to any work or school. In between classes, walking from one class to another, driving to a meeting, and standing in line for coffee. In all these moments, there is a time to say a prayer, share a story, and appreciate your surroundings. Something that I loved doing in college on my walk to class was this simple prayer. “God help me to love all those who I encounter today.” Praying and loving other people doesn’t need to be a set thing you do, it can be done throughout the day. I want to encourage you today to talk to the person next to you in line for coffee, smile at someone in the hallway on the way to class, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God on your drive to school, or take time to look around you when walking. It is these little parts of our day that make the difference and keep us living for God throughout the day and not just at a retreat, mission trip, or Mass. God is all around us; all we need to do is wake up to His glory. We do not need to have a set plan to go to the chapel or wait until a retreat. Let God walk with you throughout the day.

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